Welcome to Fairstead House

The Preparatory School

The Preparatory School is made up of:
Pre-prep: Reception, Year 1 and Year 2
Prep: Year 3 – Year 6

In both Pre-prep and Prep, each child is placed in a form where the teacher is responsible for day-to-day pastoral care as well as the academic progress of the children. Classes are small, and children in the Pre- prep have the benefit of a full-time learning support assistant in addition to the class teacher, enabling each child to receive individual help and attention. In the Preparatory School, learning support assistants provide help on a targeted basis when required.

Close contact between staff and parents is important at all times and parents are encouraged to meet and discuss with form teachers issues and celebrations as and when they arise. More formal Parents’ Evenings are held each term. In October, immediately before half term, a ‘settling-in’ evening is held so parents may meet with staff to discuss how their child is settling into their new class.

Reports are issued to parents at the end of the Michaelmas and Summer terms and close attention is paid to the levels of achievement and effort of each child. For children in in Key Stage 2, Effort Grade reports are issued at the end of each of term. Progress, both academic and social is carefully monitored and tracked by means of on-going assessment. This is carried out through continuous daily formative assessment and twice yearly summative assessments.

“The community spirit and togetherness at the heart of the school feels like ‘part of one big family. Every day our daughter goes to school with a beaming smile.”








Fairstead House

Our Aims

In an environment of enthusiasm, challenge and encouragement within the context of a family ethos, Fairstead House aims to:


  • support a lifelong love of learning and creativity
  • provide opportunities to nurture, develop and celebrate the talents and skills of each child
  • foster skills in co-operation, collaboration and provide real leadership challenges and opportunities
  • develop and foster children’s emotional and social wellbeing;
  • promote a genuine understanding and respect of the world, including the local community
  • allow each child to be confident and independent;
  • form considerate, respectful, courteous and well-mannered citizens.


Fairstead House is inspected by the Independent Schools Inspectorate. Our last inspection took place in 2020 and the full report may be found here.

Our report from 2011 can be downloaded here.