Fairstead House School & Nursery near Bury St Edmunds

Based in Newmarket Fairstead House School offers the best independent, private school and nursery near Bury St Edmunds and is easily accessible via road, rail and bus making it the perfect prep school near Bury St Edmunds for those looking for the excellent education that Cambridge offers yet without the complicated and sometimes problematic logistics of similar schools in the centre of Cambridge!

Our Nursery School is outstanding and caters for children from all around Cambridgeshire and Suffolk in particular those whose families are looking for prep schools near Bury St Edmunds.

We provide fantastic facilities for the children from Nursery through pre-prep and prep ages as well as small class sizes ensuring the best possible attention for your child.

Being close to Bury St Edmunds Fairstead House School tends to attract many children from the area and as we are a nursery near Bury St Edmunds we find many parents preferring the school to one based in the centre of Cambridge.

For more details of the methods to get to Fairstead House School please visit the Suffolk page where you can find out how to get to the nursery near Bury St Edmunds.


Fairstead House
Fordham Road

Telephone: 01638 662318

For enquiries on Admissions, please contact the Registrar on registrar@fairsteadhouse.co.uk

For all General Enquiries, please contact the School Secretary, Mrs Paula Hazelwood, on secretary@fairsteadhouse.co.uk