Dear Parents,

Another wonderful week at Fairstead, full of learning, achieving and striving to improve.  As you will read below, the week has been extremely busy and our Year 5 and 6 pupils are vey excited about their trip to France early on Monday morning.

King’s Post

As many of you are aware, we have experienced school emails ending up in ‘junk’ folders.  Therefore, I am going to try sending the newsletter link to you as parents, using King’s Post, which is linked to My School Portal (MSP), which you already use to book activities and clubs.  This will mean that you will be able to log in to MSP and see all past correspondence, and if successful, we may use this for all communication moving forward.  As always, I would appreciate your feedback on this matter.


This week in assemblies, we have awarded prizes following our Premier Sport Euro Speed Kick event, prizes from Mr Jones’ Drama competition and merits and house point badges.  Celebrating all the successes from the children is such an important part of every week – well done!

Music and Drama


Congratulations to the winners of Creative Industries Academy’s Performance Competition!

1st Prize – Olivia
2nd Prize – Henry
3rd Prize – William

The students showcased exceptional talent with their original works and captivating performances. Here’s what the judges had to say about the winners:

🏆 Olivia
Olivia presented a well-structured narrative, captivating the audience with a clear beginning, middle, and end. Her use of repetition effectively engaged the audience, and her performance exuded warmth and naturalness, leaving a lasting impression. A truly gifted talent.

🥈 Henry
Drawing inspiration from Hamlet, Henry’s performance was marked by powerful emotive language, rhetorical questions, and skilful repetition, reminiscent of Shakespeare’s style. Henry’s talent shines brightly, a promising young artist.

🥉 William
William’s heartfelt poem touched the judges deeply, reflecting his sincerity and authenticity. His endearing performance showcased his natural talent, leaving a profound impact on the audience. Another remarkable young talent in the making.

In other news, Mr. Jones has launched Camp Creative, offering four weeks of exciting adventures during the summer holidays! Hurry and register now before all spots are taken:

Informal Teatime Concert

On Tuesday 4th June we had our third Informal Teatime Concert of the summer series 2024. We enjoyed hearing singers, guitarists, pianists and violinists perform various songs and pieces from a range of composers including Béla Bartók, Linda Marsh, Natalya Baklanova, T-Rex and REM! From beginners to ABRSM grade 4 we were impressed by everyone. Congratulations and well done.
Our final concert this term will be on 18th June.

Art Club

KS1 Art Club explored the works of Friedensreich Hundertwasswer. Inspired by his use of spirals and winding patterns in the natural world, they produced these wonderful pinch pots.

Years 3 and 4 Art Club created these stunning clay slab bowls using molds. Their decorative designs were inspired by the works of ceramic artist, Usaka Koji, whose designs feature his surrounding landscape of Mount Fuji with large, gold moons.

Years 5 and 6 Art Club created these unique slab pots, inspired by the works of ceramic artist, Elizabeth Fritsch. Fritsch’s designs are inspired by her love of jazz and so we listened to some jazz in art club to inspire us!


This week, the babies in Foals have been busy having fun, keeping cool in the warm weather, and making the most of being outside in the garden! The children have particularly enjoyed outdoor time, when we have explored the kitchen area with the sand. The children have shown lots of interest in pouring the sand and mixing in the bowls, as well as making “Cake!” The children have also enjoyed water painting in the garden using paintbrushes to wet the walls and chalkboards. On Friday we set out an ice painting activity. The children were keen to have a turn and explored the paints with their hands, making marks on the paper with their lollipop stick and coloured ice cube dabbers.


The children have fully embraced their new topic of, ‘Under the Sea’ this week and have had fun celebrating ‘World Oceans Day’ today!

They listened intently to a story all about pollution in our oceans and passionately shared their ideas on how this could be reduced. Many children in the class have now decided they would like their very own litter picker!

The children also enjoyed learning their favourite rhyme from ‘Commotion in the Ocean’. They wrote their own super poems based on the book and painted their favourite sea creatures too. All of which are now proudly on display in the classroom.

Doubling has been the theme in maths and it has been wonderful seeing the children using their mathematical knowledge to share some very impressive doubling facts.

In the forest, the children made their own boats and had the best time exploring floating and sinking. It was wonderful seeing their independence and perseverance, as they joined the different natural resources together.

It has been a super first week back and meeting George’s chicks this afternoon was a wonderful way to end the week! Thank you so much for bringing them to visit, George.

Year 1

This week in English, Year 1 wrote very persuasive arguments as to why Mr Grinling (from the Lighthouse Keeper’s Rescue) deserved his job back and sent them to Jonathan Sprat, the Lighthouse Inspector. To our surprise, Mr Sprat wrote back the very next day commending our persuasive writing skills and asking for our help to find a suitable helper for Mr Grinling. We got straight on to writing a job description to go into The Newmarket Journal!

A total of three applicants applied for the job in the end. We decided to interview just one. The children were absolute professionals and chose the best person for the job!

Year 2

This week, the children have worked so hard, consolidating, and building their understanding of time. We have been learning about five-minute intervals, minutes in an hour and hours in the day. They enjoyed testing their knowledge by playing some fun games too!

In computing we started our new topic on ‘creating music’. We used 2Sequence to compose some wonderful pieces. Next week, we will evaluate the pieces and share with other members of the class. In geography, we used the computers again to carry out some independent research on ‘Africa’s Big Five’ animals. It’s has been great to see the children be confident and independent in their learning.

On Tuesday the children were in for a treat, when they had a surprise visit from the Newmarket Fire brigade team. The children were taken on a guided tour of the fire engine and the equipment used. They were particularly delighted to try on the fireman’s jacket and hold the helmet, as well as squirt the hose. Thank you so much to the Newmarket team for a wonderful visit. This was an amazing introduction to our DT unit on Fire Engines. Each week we will learn a bit more about construction techniques and our topic will culminate in making our own fire engine!

On Wednesday, we started off our Plants topic with a ‘fair test’ experiment. We discovered that a ‘fair test’ experiment changes only one variable and everything else must stay the same. The children made some fantastic and accurate predictions about which seeds will grow the best. One has no light, one has no heat, one has no soil, one is getting no water and one lucky pot has all the right things! Which do you think will grow best? In Literacy, we have been reading ‘Frog Belly Rat Bone’ which is an amazing book about the power of plants for both beauty and nutrition.

Year 3

In Year 3 this week, we have been exploring 2D and 3D shapes by identifying their properties. We studied shapes in different orientations, had a real focus on reasoning questions and made our own 3D shapes. In science, it was time to check the progress of our bean experiment. We had set up an investigation to test different conditions for successful plant growth. Using our observational and measuring skills, we compared the growth in different conditions. We were particularly surprised by the height of the bean with water but no light. We compared these results to our original predictions. In English, the children have been describing mythical creatures from Ancient Greece. They have thoroughly enjoyed using their descriptive writing techniques to create an image for the reader. In topic, the children were particularly engaged in our learning about the Battle of Marathon and the Olympic Games. This week in PSHE, the children wrote gratitude strips for significant people in their lives. This included family, friends, school and clubs. It was wonderful to read their kind and thoughtful words of thankfulness and appreciation. 

Year 4

We have had a busy week in Year 4 this week.  We have been having a focus on core skills, both in English and Maths.  In English, we have been focusing on comprehension of what we read.  In addition, we have looked at summarising a piece of text by identifying the core points.  The questions we have been asking are the same as those that can be asked at home.  As always, the reading at home is a great time for the children to learn how to extract information and express their ideas so please continue to read with your child to achieve this.  In maths, we have been looking at shape and symmetry as well as ensuring our four operations are strong.

I am sure that they are all looking forward to their Viking day on Monday and their week with Mr. Cater.  A great way for them to get to know him before next year.  I look forward to hearing about all the exciting things they did when I return from France.

Class Music

In class music this term, we have been exploring polyrhythms: Djembe drumming, cyclic patterns, motifs, call and response and improvisation. This week pupils worked in groups and performed their own compositions using the techniques they have learnt this term. Well done everyone for creating excellent compositions.

Year 5

The Year 5 have started a new topic in ICT: designing and creating 3D models pictures using 2D nets and images on purple Mash.  The pupils explored pattern-making, sketching and drawing to render a 3D model and had a lot of fun doing it as you can see in these pictures.

The week before the French residential has caused some fluttering of nerves, which is only natural.  I wish all the pupils the very best on what will be an exciting week for them!  It was also the first of our PSHE lessons on female puberty, which has been an important step for some of the pupils who are more clued up about the important changes that take place.

Year 6

For the children in Year 6, it has been a week of end of year assessments ahead of next week’s Year 5-6 residential trip. However, there have been some highlights including Premier Sport’s exciting announcement of the speed-kick prizes and Lefkianna’s confident presentation of her independent research topic on Air Ambulances. Well done, Year 6, for receiving a whole class merit certificate for your care of each other, in and outside of the classroom, and for your super enthusiasm in PSHE lessons. It is good to know that you will support, encourage and celebrate everyone’s successes during the forthcoming French adventure. Mr Everitt, Ms Bryan, Mrs Melen and Mr Peace look forward to seeing you at school on Monday morning for our 3.30am departure!

Have a lovely weekend!

Michael Radford