Dear Parents,

This week has been another one full of excitement and amazing learning.  As I write the newsletter now, the children have enjoyed a wonderful sports afternoon and are enjoying themselves on numerous inflatables at the Summer Bounce event arranged by the FHPA.

Move Up Morning

On Monday the children will be spending time with their new class teacher for next academic year.

  • Reception – Mrs Sanders
  • Year 1 – Miss Drayton
  • Year 2 – Mrs Allen and Mrs Meyer
  • Year 3 – Miss Hunt
  • Year 4 – Mr Everitt
  • Year 5 – Mr Cater
  • Year 6 – Mr Peace


This morning we congratulated the children on various successes from the week.  Well done.

Book Sharing

On Thursday afternoon, it was lovely to see children sharing their learning from the year with parents and family members.  The number of comments about the quality and quantity of work was overwhelming.  It is such an important termly event, and we will ensure dates for future events are provided in plenty of time so that parents can plan accordingly.

Anglesey Abbey

On Wednesday, Years 3-6 travelled to Anglesey Abbey for a wonderful day of activities and fun.  The weather was glorious and the children thoroughly enjoyed a range of activities, from den building to bracelet making.  And of course, there was time for an ice cream too!

Sunday Funday

Last weekend we held our first ever ‘Sunday Funday’, a social fundraising event for the nursery. It was very well attended and enjoyed by children, parents and staff, with a bouncy castle and inflatable slide, cake decorating, crafts, face painting and garden games amongst the activities! We all had a lot of fun and it was lovely to spend more time together. We were too busy to take many photos, but here are just a few of the set up and the fun.


Ponies 1 have had a busy few weeks filled with lots of learning and fun. Whether enjoying the arrival of the sunshine, learning about different job roles or celebrating their special people – the children have loved every second.

To continue and extend our topic of ‘People That Help Us’, the children have had many special visitors joining us in the classroom. Most recently, we have been lucky enough to have been joined by Dr Faria Chowdhury (doctor) and Eric Adams (cartographer).

Faria carried out a very exciting experiment where the children used glitter to represent ‘germs’. They then got to see the germs travel as they each touched one another’s hands or the toys around them. The children were very intrigued by this and surprisingly all wanted to wash their hands as soon as they could!

During our visit from Eric he took us on a journey as we explored the world of Google maps. The children were taught about the different components of the maps that their grown-ups use, specifically looking at what the different colours and shapes indicate on the page. They enjoyed seeing where they live, where they have been on holiday and where some of them have come from!

The children have taken full advantage of the weather and have been exploring their water play in many different ways. Some children decided they wanted to carry out water painting whilst others enjoyed exploring their shadows and what different shadows could be created with the movement of the water.

Lastly we just wanted to say a huge thank you to those that joined us for our Father’s Day ‘Surprise Reader’. The children loved having you join us and we hope to see lots more of you joining us for future celebrations.


There have been so many highlights in Reception this week! 

The children enjoyed continuing their learning about sea creatures, and this week the focus was on sea horses! Please do ask them to share some facts with you. 

On Wednesday, Benjamin’s daddy came into class to share his role as a cartographer. It was so interesting finding out all about maps and the children were thrilled to be able to become cartographers themselves and create their own super maps! 

On Thursday, the forest was overtaken by teddies! The children had the best time at Fairstead Fred’s Farewell Picnic! A big thank you for all the super packed lunches, face paints and homemade biscuits to share. 

Thank you also to Miss Drayton who was our ‘Surprise Reader’ this week. The children are now very much looking forward to spending Monday morning in their new classroom!  

The week ended with an amazing afternoon of sport. Well done to everyone in Reception for a very successful first Sports Day at Fairstead!  

Year 1 and 2

Year 1 and 2 enjoyed a wonderful visit to Clip ‘n’ Climb on Monday morning. All the children challenged themselves and gained in confidence during their climbing session. It was remarkable watching their progress! A HUGE thank you to the FHPA for paying for the trip. What an experience!

Year 2

What an amazing penultimate week Year 2 have had! Clip n’ Climb was an amazing experience and a huge thank you to the Parents Association for our great day out! We have been working hard on our Alice in Wonderland story and writing and have created outstanding pictures of a ‘Garden Through a Keyhole’! On Thursday morning, Fairstead House participated in RSE Day. Each class has had an extra PSHE lesson with the theme ‘Embracing Change’’. We have talked about how positive change can be and even if we are nervous, we will be amazing! Year 2 have created wonderful monarch butterflies to represent our change from KS1 into KS2. The art was outstanding and our discussion was even more so. It was such a treat to welcome the families in for book sharing on Thursday afternoon. The children are so proud of the work they have completed! Friday morning the children put all of the elements of their fire engines together- we are ready to rescue! Wrapping up our wonderful week was a fantastic sports afternoon. All of the children were wonderful and tried their very best!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Year 3

It has been a busy, bright and sunny week in Year 3 with lots of fun activities and days out. In English, we have started our unit on free-verse poetry. We have been analysing and giving our opinions about a range of poems. In our analysis, we identified similes, alliteration, personification, repetition and punctuation choices. Next week, we are looking forward to writing our own poems all about our Ancient Greek topic. In science, we created beautiful life cycles of a flowering plant. Our stages included: germination, growing and flowering, pollination, fertilisation and seed dispersal. In PSHE, we have been learning about how our bodies change as we grow up and start puberty. In maths, we explored two-way tables and looked more closely at interpreting and representing data in bar graphs. It was our final swimming session of the academic year where we enjoyed a very competitive game of water polo! It was also our Sports Day on Friday where taking part in the KS2 races was a new experience for everyone in Year 3. Well done for persevering and for trying your best! We went on our KS2 end of term to trip to Anglesey Abbey where we thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful National Trust grounds. Having a pre-ordered ice-cream of their choice was a particularly super way to start the trip! It was wonderful to give the children a choice in the activities to take part in. These included: sports games, traditional outdoor lawn games, den-building, adventure playground, colouring and bracelet making. We were impressed with the determination of some individuals to include as many different beads as possible! As you can see from our photos, the children have a very special day out to remember in the sunshine with their friends…

Year 4

This week has been very busy for us!  The week started by the creation of wonderful, colourful Viking shields.  The pupils used a range of inspirations from their studies of the Vikings to add authentic details to their shields.  They loved making the shields and holding them afterwards.  Thank you for all the cardboard that was sent in.  It allowed us to create some wonderful masterpieces.  However, that was not the end of the excitement.  On Wednesday, we went to Anglesey Abbey where we did den building, jewellery making, sports including ultimate frisbee and in general, had a wonderful time.  The weather was perfect allowing us to enjoy the sun whilst still having shade when needed.

The other exciting event was the arrival of the class’ snow leopard.  Last week, the class spent time investigating which animal they would like to sponsor through the WWF.  They then researched more about the animals to allow them to present their ideas to the class.  After voting, they decided which animal to support and opted for the snow leopard.  This week, we continued with our presentation skills by creating some Pechakucha presentations.  These required the children to choose a topic and then create five slides with no words on them.  They would then talk about each slide for twenty seconds.  We had a wonderful selection of topics from ice cream through to cataracts.  I certainly learnt a lot and was extremely impressed with how they presented their ideas.  It went to show them that you don’t need words on a presentation to make it captivating and engaging.  It is all about how you speak!

I have been so impressed with my class not only this week, but the whole year.  They have put in so much effort and risen to the challenges I have set them.  The way they have focused on assessments this week while also keeping up their work in class showed them at their best.

Year 5

What an amazing and varied penultimate week of Year 5 it has been!

The pupils said they loved the trip to Anglesey Abby.  You can see the pictures of them slurping their iced treats.

  • “We got ice-cream!”-William
  • “ I enjoyed all the activities.”-Anna
  • “Spending time with my friends was the best.”-Lola
  • “I liked the fact we had so many activities to do.”-Lily
  • “I enjoyed the bracelet making.” Matilda.

In Science, the pupils channelled their inner David Attenboroughs and presented their narration of a fictional documentary called ‘Life’ aimed at explaining the life cycles of animals. The performances were excellent and enjoyable.  Pupils also presented their work for the Fairstead House Award Scheme, in which they were asked to collaborate to cost an excursion to the either Colchester or Banham Zoo, using Excel.  The pupils have used many of the skills learnt in ICT this year and the presentations were simply brilliant!

Next week is another busy one and we look forward to moving up morning and sporting event at Kings on Monday, Create Day on Tuesday and final sporting fixture of the year on Wednesday vs Culford.  Oh yes, and speech day on Thursday!  Wow, that’s a lot to pack in!

Year 6

What a busy penultimate week…KS2 trip to Anglesey Abbey, book sharing, tuck shop, RSE lessons, ‘Dramatic Moments’ in the PA, writing leavers’ speeches, presenting independent research topics, visiting new schools, music exams, watching ‘The Little Prince’ with Ms Bryan, Sports Afternoon and ‘Summer Bounce’! And there’s so much more still to come! Year 6 impressed Mr Peace and Mrs Allen with their maturity during RSE lessons and it was lovely to receive so many wonderful comments from the general public about their excellent behaviour in the café at Anglesey Abbey when the children had their special ‘buy what you want with £5’ leavers’ treat. You make us very proud, Year 6!

Reminder to Year 6 parents: As planned, the children should come to school in PE kit on Tuesday 2nd July for the ‘Create Day’ but please could they also bring their school uniform to change into as there will hopefully be an opportunity to take some final leavers’ photos by the King’s marketing team. Thank you.

Have a lovely weekend!

Michael Radford