Dear Parents,

We welcomed two governors to the school on Monday, Mrs East and Miss Milne, who enjoyed visiting the school and nursery.  The children were very proud to share their learning with our visitors.  As you will see this week, the children have thoroughly enjoyed their learning and it was wonderful to award so many certificates in assembly to celebrate the achievements of the week.

Book Sharing Afternoon

Please remember to put the afternoon of Thursday 22nd June in your diary, as we will be inviting parents into School to look at your children’s work.  More details will follow.

Coronation Celebrations

On Friday we will be celebrating the coronation of King Charles with a street party lunch. The children are invited to come to school wearing red, white and blue, and bring in their crowns that have been made at home in preparation. Nursery children will be making crowns during the week in their classes.


Ponies 2 are very exciting to be experience life cycles in real time. We currently have five live caterpillars and have created a new topic table to reflect their interest in this. We are also very lucky to have a live feed of a blue tit nest from right outside the classroom window.  Mummy and daddy blue tits made their nest a few weeks ago and this morning we have had our first new eggs laid!


The children in Reception have been super ‘Exploradactyls’ this week, across all curriculum areas.

The new topic of ‘Water’ has provided the children with the opportunity to learn some new and impressive vocabulary. They have risen to the challenge and it has been wonderful hearing words such as; evaporation, condensation and precipitation, inside and outside the classroom.

The children have also taken part in water themed experiments this week, in addition to learning a song about the water cycle!

In the forest, the children spent time observing the clouds, as well as working in a team to solve the problem of how to transport water from one destination to the other!

The children have also spent time investigating different materials to discover which ones are waterproof and which ones are not. It has been a great week which was made complete by having a fun and interactive story with Dr. Gemma, alongside a special delivery of tadpoles!

This term in our Reception Class Music lessons, we are using cross curricular stories as inspiration for dance, singing and composition. This week we used the beautifully illustrated book The Little Raindrop to improvise dances with colourful scarves and we composed a beautiful piece of music, using instruments chosen by pupils to create sounds of a rainstorm, a rainbow, a stream, river, ocean, beach and sun.

Year 1

In our topic lesson this week, we learned about the history of the teddy bear. We worked together to create a teddy bear timeline and were lucky enough to have real teddy bears from various decades to explore and compare. We used phrases such as ‘in the past,’ ‘before I was born,’ and ‘when my grandparents were children’ to compare and sequence the bears.

Year 2

Year 2 have had another amazing week of learning! We began our week with a special visitor. Mrs Hussain came in to talk to us about Eid ul-Fitr and Ramadan. She brought the Quran and prayer mats, pictures and prayer beads for us to see and told us all about their families’ celebrations! On Thursday morning, Year 2 had a wonderful time at the Jarman Centre exploring micro-habitats. We found the most amazing array of insects, worms, spiders and all sorts of things that creep and slither. It was a wonderful way to discover what a micro-habitat is and where we can find them – have a look in your garden this weekend. Do you have any micro-habitats? In history, we are continuing to learn about how the Great Fire of London started and how it spread so fast and burned for so long. Ask your learner what they can remember.

Year 3

It has been a busy week in Year 3. Maths has been full of bar modelling and finding fractions of amounts. Word problems have been solved using a range of methods and pictorial representations. In English, Year 3 have written superb setting descriptions to create mood and atmosphere. In art, Year 3 have been designing a piece of coronation art. They will then screen print their designs onto fabric and these will be added to a whole school wall hanging to celebrate King Charles’ coronation. This week, they completed the making of their templates and then tried their hands at screen printing for the very first time. There was much anticipation as they prepared for screen printing their designs next lesson!

Year 4

Year 4 have had another busy week. In English, they learned the features of play scripts and used these to write scripts of their own. They began by writing the script for the traditional tale, ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. They then read two Greek myths; ‘King Midas and his Golden Touch’ and ‘Odysseus and the Cyclops’ and chose one of these to write the script for. Not only were Year 4 developing their use of the features, but were also writing passages of engaging dialogue. Well done!

In humanities, they compared the Ancient Greek city states of Athens and Sparta. They were shocked that girls and boys were treated so differently! Sparta was a firm favourite of the girls, as they would have been allowed to attend school to learn gymnastics and combat. The boys favoured Athens so that they could avoid warrior training and fighting in battles!

In computing, Year 4 have analysed websites to deduce whether they are ‘real’ or ‘fake’ and learned which details to look out for as part of our e-safety refresher unit and were reminded that not all information online is true. They then used slides on their Chromebooks to design e-safety posters.

Year 5

Our second week back has drawn to a close and the children have slipped, almost seamlessly, back into good working practices. Our trip to Hollowford is getting closer by the day, especially with the extra bank holiday we have. They will have a wonderful time and we will be having a gathering in class in case they have any questions. This should allay any concerns they have.

We are continuing our research into locusts and, this week, they looked at the external anatomy of locusts. Having live locusts in the class is very helpful as it means that they can see what they are like in life, including how they move. As the weeks progress, they will see the locusts grow and develop. We will be looking at the lifecycle of locusts and it should be interesting as the wings start to develop. In order to help them remember the different parts of the locust, we created colourful labelled collages. There were some wonderful examples made which I have included for you to see.

Year 6

In science lessons, Year 6 have been learning about Sir Isaac Newton’s experiments with light and thought of alternative mnemonics to ‘Richard of York Gave Battle In Vain’ to remember the order of the colours of the rainbow. They enjoyed making a Newton colour wheel, spinning the cardboard disc to blend the seven colours. Well done to Charlotte, in particular, who got the hang of twisting and pulling the string straight away! In English lessons, the children completed their first pair of contrasting diary entries. They had to write about an imaginary school/family outing and recall the events from two perspectives. The opportunity to use a chatty, informal style was embraced by all!

Last term, Year 6 wrote and posted letters to a famous person of their choice. There was much excitement on Monday morning, therefore, when Deanna received a letter from Ryan Moore, the British flat racing jockey. He wrote a lovely reply and kindly signed the photos that Deanna had enclosed in her letter. With a beaming smile, Deanna said that she was going to frame his letter!

Grace and Elsie were also excited when they received their Platinum badge at Friday’s assembly for earning 400 house points since the start of the academic year. No child at Fairstead has reached this total before so they should be very proud of their achievement.

Finally, huge thanks to Grace and her Mum for their enthusiastic contribution to Year 6’s new geography topic about North and Central America. Grace shared a lovely photo album of a trip to New York and Year 6 couldn’t wait to dive into the bags of Hershey’s milk chocolate ‘Kisses’ and ‘Sour Punch Mini Bites’ that she kindly brought into school to share with classmates.


In our Year 6 Class Music lessons this term, our topic is to explore rhythmic patterns from Ghana, Brazil & India. Over the past few weeks, Yr6 have focused on cyclic rhythms including traditional Ghanaian patterns. They have memorised three principle patterns and included them in various group performances.

Years 5 & 6 Class Drama

In our Class Drama lessons we are developing our drama knowledge and skills and exploring the characters in our up-and-coming KS2 musical production The Lion King. Pupils have worked in groups and performing extracts from the script.

Have a lovely long weekend!

Michael Radford