Dear Parents,

It has been wonderful to welcome the children back to school for the Summer Term.  As you will see below, learning started immediately and the children have been enjoying being back in the classroom at Fairstead House.


An email was sent earlier in the week about clubs and activities.  However, attached here is a summary of the clubs this term, all of which can be booked via My School Portal.  Prep and After School Care can also be booked using the same online system.  Please can I remind parents that if you would like your child to stay for tea, you must book either After School Care 2 or After School Care 3.  This allows our catering team to prepare for the correct number of children.


Fairstead House PA Annual Ball: Saturday 11th May from 7pm at the Bedford Lodge Hotel.

Last Chance for Ball Tickets! Deadline Friday 26th April.

Thank you so much to everyone who has bought tickets so far. This Friday is the last day to buy so if you haven’t got them yet and are planning on going you can buy them here;
Please don’t forget to enter your meal choices by Friday too.
Looking forward to seeing you there!

The Ball Committee 😊


The FHPA have organised an online book fair.  Please see the attached leaflet for information.


Although this week has been surprisingly chilly, all children should now be wearing summer uniform.  As a Year 6 privilege, the children will be able to choose which uniform to wear.  In all other year groups, if you are unsure, please refer to our website – Uniform – Fairstead House school

Holiday Club Lost Property

Following our successful Holiday Club over Easter, we have been left with a number of items that are unnamed and unclaimed.  If you think your child may have lost an item of clothing, please contact the school office.


In assembly this week, we discussed Earth Day on Monday and how we all have a responsibility to look after our planet.  The theme this year was ‘Planet vs Plastic’.

Also this week, we learned about St George and how he saved the princess from the dragon!  As a patron saint of scouting groups, children were encouraged to wear their scouting group uniform on Tuesday.

On Friday, our celebration assembly was a wonderful opportunity to share highlights of the week, including knowledge about angles in maths; improved effort in class; improved reasoning and house point badges.  Well done to all!


Year 6 represented the school in The Suffolk Cup this week.  The Suffolk Cup is an Orienteering event for primary schools with the aim of introducing competitive Orienteering to children.  The children navigated the course with excellent map skills, working out the quickest route around the controls.   In 20 minutes our 4 teams managed to get 48 out of 80 controls. It was a good experience and much fun.

The first cricket sessions of the term started this week.  Our Year 4 children have had a match v Brookes School where they have been able to develop their batting and bowling in a competitive environment.  Our Year 3 pupils have worked hard on their batting and bowling skills in games lessons- bowling practice at home will make a huge difference.  Our Year 5 & 6 children have been using their new hard ball equipment, kindly funded by the Parents Association, to take the next steps in their cricket journeys.  Next week our children will play fixtures against South Lee, Wednesday for our U11s while our Year 3 & 4 children will play on Friday.


Mr Jones, our new LAMDA teacher led a drama lesson today with Reception and Years 1 & 2. He conducted a physical theatre lesson where pupils could create simple storyboards (freeze frames) of scenes from fairly tales. Pupils also used their bodies to create large versions of fairy tale characters in small groups.

Mr Jones also came to our school assembly to talk about the different modules that can be studied in the LAMDA exams. He also told pupils about a new competition that will be open to all pupils at Fairstead. More details will be released next week.

If you would like to know more about Mr Jones and the LAMDA exams, or register your child, please follow the link here: 


It has been a super first week back in Reception and it was wonderful to welcome a new friend to the classroom too. Welcome to Reception, Benjamin!  

This week, the children have celebrated World Earth Day, St George’s Day, and Sri Lankan New Year and have still found the time to climb trees in the forest, represent numbers beyond ten in different ways, and explore consonants and vowels! 

It has been a busy week but one full of smiley faces and joy! 

A huge thank you to Luthira and his family for sharing Sri Lankan New Year with everyone. It was so interesting finding out how they celebrate this special time, and it was such fun trying out many of the traditional games that are played to mark the occasion. The children were so excited to try and eat a cake which was hanging in the air with their hands behind their back, alongside competing in a tug-of-war race! The afternoon ended with an amazing feast, where everyone enjoyed tasting traditional Sri Lankan dishes.  

Thank you also to our Surprise Reader this week, who not only read a super story but also made delicious cakes for everybody to take home! 

Year 1

We have had a super start to our new topic, ‘Time Travellers.’ Not only have we enjoyed bringing our favourite toys into class to show our friends, we have also been exploring toys from the past that have been loaned to us by Suffolk Archives.

It has been great fun exploring and playing with the toys our parents, grandparents or even great-grandparents may have played with.

Year 2

What a great start to the summer term Year 2 have had! In Maths, the children have worked very hard, learning about different measurements: mass; volume; capacity and temperature. In particular, the children enjoyed investigating the capacity of a range of different containers: estimating the capacity in ml and then measuring the capacity using measuring jugs and water! Our computing topic this term is ‘Creating Pictures’. The children had fun developing their artistic and computing skills using 2Paint, creating works of art in the style of pointillism.

Year 2 have completed their DT unit – Perfect Pizzas! We have been information gathering, creating pictograms, extrapolating data, sorting toppings into food groups and taste testing a variety of traditional pizza toppings. On Friday, we put all of our learning into practise – we designed our Perfect Pizza! Miss Alleyne made us our own pizza dough balls to roll out and we created our own pizza that was cooked for our lunch. The result was 18 VERY happy children!

Year 3

We have had a busy start to our final term in Year 3 this week. In maths, we have been adding and subtracting fractions. Using the bar model as a pictorial representation, we have also been finding unit and non-unit fractions of amounts. In English, we have started to analyse ‘Overcoming the Monster’ narratives and summarise their structure. We explored the figurative language in the text and identified examples of similes and onomatopoeia. In science, we completed our final lesson on magnets where we explored the poles practically. We launched our new humanities topic – ‘The Glorious, Gifted Greeks’. Looking at maps of Greece, we looked at the surrounding seas and bordering countries. We also discovered the different periods when we put a timeline into chronological order. Well done, Year 3!

Year 4

What an interesting start to a new term.  In the Monday assembly, we had a great talk from two pupils about St. George’s Day.  As a result, to celebrate this day, the children in cubs and brownies wore their uniforms to school.  It was interesting seeing three different uniforms in class on one day.  Then, in English, we started looking at how to create more feeling in our writing in preparation for our new topic – Fantasy story transitions.  We will be writing a story extract based on going from one world to another, just as in Alice’s adventures in Wonderland or The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.  This is always a fun topic that gives the children the chance to use their imagination.  It also allows us to explore how to write like a reader – a phrase they will hear many times in the coming weeks.  I am hoping for good weather next week so that we can leave the site and gain inspiration from the wider world.  Hopefully, more about that in the next Newsletter.

Year 5

It was lovely to welcome Year 5 back after the Easter break and hear about their wonderful travels – we even had a presentation about a diving experience which was enthralling!  Year 5 began their new Science Topic: Animals, Plants and Their Habitats.  This builds on work they did in Year 3 and pupils began by refreshing what they know about parts of a flower, then went onto looking at sexual and asexual reproduction in plants.  They will spend the next few weeks growing ‘clones’ of plants as part of this.  In ICT, pupils began to design and make their own computer games, considering they style of gameplay and in 3-D modeller in Purple Mash.  In Maths, Year 5 learnt how to measure angles using a protractor and will continue to explore angles and shapes over the next week or so.  It was tricky to get the hang of the protractor’s scale but we’re getting there.

Year 6

In English lessons, Year 6 started a new topic on persuasive writing with the focus on creating a radio advert for a new toy. After looking at the Argos website (Do you remember the catalogue?!), the children invented their own toy and used a range of writers’ techniques to advertise their brand-new product. Year 6 are looking forward to sharing their writing with Year 1 next week. Who will be most persuasive? In Art lessons, Year 6 looked closely at ‘Bamboo, Plum Blossoms and Moon’ by Gao Qipei (1713). Using small view finders, they recreated small rectangles of the painting and tried to capture the shades of black and grey with paint, charcoal, pastel and pencil. It was a lovely Friday afternoon activity to end to a busy first week back. Finally, well done to the children who participated in Thursday’s orienteering competition – look after those well-deserved certificates, Year 6!

Have a lovely weekend!

Michael Radford