24th November 2023

Dear Parents,

Christmas Light Switch On

Last week, on Friday, the children in Years 3 and 4 put on a wonderful Christmas performance of carols as part of the Newmarket Christmas Light Switch On.  The children sang beautifully and the parental support was amazing.  We were very proud to open the evening of entertainment and have already booked our slot for next year.


Celebration Assembly

In assembly this morning, we celebrated various achievements including perseverance in maths, improved presentation and fabulous topic work.  We also awarded a number of bronze badges for House Points.  Well done to all!

Creative Design – Textiles 

In Creative Design, Year 5 have been developing their textile skills this term. With an initial focus on stitching and embroidery, the children have been enthusiastically learning to sew. To decorate fabric, they have been learning to use different tie dye techniques and colour combinations to create patterns. They have also been learning to join fabrics using poppers and buttons. This half term, the focus is on using and applying these skills to design and make a pencil case. Take a look at the photos below to see our progress so far… The children have designed their patterns using tie dye techniques and used the sewing machine to join their fabric together to make the shape of the pencil case. (Thank you for your support, Mrs Cooke.) Watch this space for their embroidery embellishments… 

Miss Hunt 

Creative Design – Balloon powered vehicles

It has also been a busy week in Creative Design for Mr Peace’s Years 3 and 4 DT group who made balloon-powered cars on Wednesday and, with much excitement, tried them out on the floor of the dining hall!

Informal Teatime Concert

On Tuesday 21st November, we had another of our Informal Teatime Concerts in the performing Arts Centre, a lovely programme of music was performed by pupils as young as Year 1 up to Year 6. Well done to all our performers.

Next week will be our final Informal Concert of the Michaelmas term 2023.


This week Ponies 1 have enjoyed playing in the autumn leaves and enjoyed the windy days.  We have used the leaves as resources for the mud kitchen roleplay as well as using our creative skills to make our very own autumn inspired collages. What fun!


A very big thank you to Dr. Dee Enay and Dr. Electric for joining Reception this week to help them to explore space and science in a wonderfully creative and interactive way! 

The children were excited to learn all about the solar system, white light, and gravity, alongside many other important concepts. They particularly enjoyed discovering the fact that the word astronaut means ‘star sailor!’ 

Watching the first moon landing, creating the moon using moon paint, transforming into ‘Star Sailors’, and writing facts about the sun, were some of the additional activities enjoyed in Reception this week. 

We look forward to sharing more space fun with you next week too! 

Year 1

We flew to Africa this week. Africa is the second largest continent on Earth!

In English, we have been reading Handa’s Surprise by Eileen Browne. After studying the front cover, we made predictions as to what we thought the surprise would be. We used our sequencing skills to order events from the story and then tasted some of the fruits Handa took to her friend, Akeyo. As we tasted the fruits, we came up with a list of adjectives to describe them. Most of the fruits tasted delicious although some tastes took us by surprise! In our topic lesson, we were challenged to create our own African national park! We had to make sure that we included all of the landscape features and animals that you would find in a real national park.​

Year 2

Year 2 have been very busy this week! We have completed our look at addition and subtraction, have been rehearsing our Nativity show, learning about Yayoi Kusama and have begun our in depth look at ‘The Gingerbread Man’! In literacy, the children have been discovering the story mountain and were amazed to learn that all fiction stories (even grown-up ones) follow the same format. We then boxed up ‘The Gingerbread Man’, putting all the elements into a story mountain format. Next, we have been looking at time connective words ready for our own retelling.  After that, we planned a whole class story about a ‘Run Away Apple’. The children had some amazing ideas to share! In RE we have begun exploring the Nativity story. We have read two versions of the familiar story, one from Luke and one from Matthew. Both are very different from the story we know! Ask your learner about the differences. To support our RE learning, we have listened to some lovely carols which support both versions of the Nativity story. We agreed together that the combined story that we all know is the best version!

Year 3

As part of our science unit this half term, we have been investigating the properties of different materials in the dark. Over the past couple of weeks, the children were set the challenge to design a new book bag to be seen in the dark. We investigated lots of different materials and found out which ones were the most reflective and why. Colour, durability and cost were considered when designing our final product. We discussed road safety and the importance of being seen in the dark. The children were so excited by their brilliant book bag designs that we might just have to send them to Mr Cricket! In English, we have been improving our sentences using adverbial phrases and fronted adverbials of time, manner and place. In maths, we started our new unit of multiplication. We investigated the patterns in various times tables and the difference between sharing and grouping. We will continue to multiply next week (mainly using our 3, 4 and 8 times tables). Also, we are looking forward to our trip to the Museum of Anthropology and Archaeology in Cambridge next week to bring our history topic to life…

Year 4

This week, we started our new science topic – Electricity.  The children loved it and it was great to see their enthusiasm.  We will be looking at how it is used in different ways and why some objects are battery powered.  In addition, we will be discovering what makes a circuit work.  To start the topic, we had an afternoon investigating different components and how they work in a simple series circuit.  Some of our discoveries were that buzzers need to be wired a particular way whereas bulbs will work regardless of the orientation of the positive and negative.  I am looking forward to continuing the journey of discovery with the children through this half term.

In Geography this week, Year 4 have been honing their map skills using atlases to locate towns and cities created in Roman, Anglo-Saxon and Viking times.

Year 5

Year 5 have been studying Space in Science and writing newspapers based on an alien spacecraft crashlanding on the Severals this week.

Today they also looked at alien databases.  The pupils learnt what a database was, how to sort and arrange information and how to investigate a database through defined fields in searching for information e.g. Number of eyes, special abilities and planets they come from.  This is what some children said about it:

“We investigated the alien database by using search functions to answer questions”- Anna
“It was really cool.  Databases help people sort and arrange information”-Lola
“It’s really good because you can search information up easily.”-William

It was the first introduction to databases for many and over the next few weeks, pupils will begin to build their own.

Year 6

In Maths lessons, Year 6 have been revising the topics of coordinates, line symmetry, rotational symmetry, reflection and translation. They enjoyed a change from the recent focus on fractions and it was interesting to have a class discussion about the range of mathematical topics that we study at school and how confident we feel about each one. In Geography, Years 5-6 have started a topic on The Caribbean and this week’s focus was on the islands’ physical geography. We were amazed at the types of landforms that can be found: volcanoes, lagoons, coral reefs and sinkholes – to name only a few! Thank you, Mia, for bringing into school some amazing photos of your holiday and the stories behind them. Huge thanks to Fenella, too, who brought a lovely book entitled ‘Coming to England’ by Floella Benjamin and Diane Ewen about the Windrush Generation, a topic which we also discussed in history lessons about the 1950s and 1960s.

We look forward to seeing many of you at the Autumn Glow tomorrow!

Michael Radford