Dear Parents

There have been many highlights this week, with classes out on trips, yoga in the forest and past pupils visiting the school.  As you will read below, it has been an amazing week of learning and I would especially like to thank the past pupils of Fairstead House, some of whom were here over 60 years ago, for sharing their memories of the school and their excitement to see how things have changed since they were here.

Food Allergy and Intolerance Information

Holroyd Howe have asked that parents complete the following form (click here) for children who have allergies and intolerances.  Please send any forms to the School Office.

‘Betty’s Pots’ RNLI Fundraiser

The School Council will be holding another charity fundraising event in support of the RNLI.

You will see that your child is bringing a small jam-jar pot home with them for half-term. ‘Betty’s Pots’ is a RNLI fundraising appeal whereby pupils are requested to fill a small jar with 5p coins.  A full small jar of 5ps is equal to £2.00.

The idea is that School Council representatives will give our donations to this worthwhile appeal on trips to the coast taking place after the half-term break.

Reception pupils will be taking a trip to see what the coastguards do in Felixstowe on 11th June and Year 3,4,5,6 will be going on a trip to Hunstanton on the 26th June, 2024.

If you would like to take part, please could the pots be brought in and handed to the office, who will store them in a secure place, no later than the day before the trip.

Please note: the pots can be filled with greater denominations if you wish to give more!

The idea originated at the RNLI in Whitby, but soon this campaign spread.  The original story can be found here: Betty’s 5p pots are a jammy idea for the RNLI | RNLI

Thank you for your support for this worthwhile cause.

Mr. Cater,

On behalf of School Council

Informal Teatime Concert – Tuesday 21st May

On Tuesday 21st May, we had our second Informal Teatime Concert of the Summer Series. The concert opened with the KS1 Ukulele Band playing two traditional songs followed by the KS2 Ukulele ‘Plunk’ Band playing a song from the much loved musical, Jungle Book. Various musicians performed solos on ukulele, guitar and piano and we enjoyed listening to two songs ‘The Crocodile’ by Peter Jenkyns & ‘After the Ball’ by K Harris sung by Mathilde in Year 3. Congratulations to all our musicians for making this a very special concert.
Dates for the two concerts after half term are Tuesday 4th and 18th June.

Fife Project in Years 3&4

Over the year, groups from Years 3&4 have enjoyed several weeks of group fife lessons with Mrs Burke. This week, we heard the fife group perform 2 pieces by Sarah Watts book to the Years 3&4. Well done to our young musicians for performing so confidently.

Create Day Rehearsals (Years 3-6)

The Royal Opera House and The Royal Ballet have joined together to create an education project celebrating the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child. Through dance, song and various design activities pupils have creatively engaged in the 6 week project which will finish with a live mass participation performance with schools across the nation on July 2nd.


In celebration assembly this morning, the variety of certificates awarded was superb!  Children were commended for pen licences; excellent behaviour on trips this week; kindness and being a fantastic role model and embracing Healthy Me week.

Award Scheme

For parents of current Year 2-5, there will be an opportunity to learn more about the Fairstead House Award Scheme on Tuesday 4th June at 6pm in the performing arts centre.  Children are very welcome to attend (and sit and listen), if you do not have childcare.  The scheme will launch in September 2024.


Thank you, parents of the Creative Industries Academy LAMDA students!

Every LAMDA student at the Creative Industries Academy receives their own personal digital portfolio so that parents and family members can share in the great work and progress they are making. We appreciate all the wonderful feedback on your children’s digital portfolios. Here are some snapshots:

“We have just watched the video. It is awesome, thank you very much. We look forward to more additions.”

“It was lovely, and thank you very much for sharing it.”

“Thank you so much. I just watched the video, and it’s absolutely brilliant.”

This week, students were expected to demonstrate their leadership skills by taking the warm-up classes themselves. This helps gauge how much knowledge they have retained and if they truly understand what they are doing, as they are required to explain the warm-up as they go. We also dove deeper into their chosen pieces and learned about staging and blocking a performance, which helps students be more effective when delivering their pieces. If you’re curious to learn more about Mr. Jones and the LAMDA exams or wish to register your child, join us at

Our Competition Deadline is Fast Approaching, but you still have the whole of the half term break!

We cannot wait to watch all the performances of the students who have signed up for our performance competition.

In a few days, parents will receive a personalised link to a folder where they can upload footage of their child’s performance along with either a photo or PDF file of their child’s written piece.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Record the performance.
  2. Take a photo of the written piece or save a PDF file to your device.
  3. Have the written piece and footage stored on the same device.
  4. Open the email on your device and click the link.
  5. Press the add button (usually a plus sign in the corner of the screen).
  6. Select “Upload file,” and it should take you to your videos and/or photos.
  7. Select the file you wish to upload.
  8. Repeat for the PDF or photo of the written work.

And you are done!

If you haven’t yet registered, you still have the whole of half-term to write, record, and upload. Don’t miss out on a chance to win amazing prizes, including £25, £15, and £10 Amazon vouchers for indulging in your favourite books, as well as significant reductions on future enrolments with Mr. Jones’ tuition. To register your child for the Performance Competition, please visit

Have a wonderful half term break,

Christopher Jones


‘Healthy Me’ week in the EYFS has been action-packed full of themed learning from the babies right up to Reception!

Here is just a sample of what we’ve been up to:

Foals learnt about keeping our teeth healthy and used toothbrushes to clean some laminated teeth. Tracey taught us a baby yoga session, which was really enjoyed by the adults and the children. The babies particularly enjoyed the move when they got flipped over! We explored some different fruits using our senses of taste and feel, introducing vocabulary describing the fruits. We have danced and taken part in ‘Zumba for kids’ and ran around at the park!

Yearlings have been learning about how to keep their teeth clean, partaking in yoga stretches and doing some fruit and vegetable printing.

This week the Shetlands have been looking at how to keep healthy with different activities such as teeth brushing, painting with vegetables, making our own fruit bowls for snack, making fruit ice lollies, PE lessons with Mr Salt, yoga and dancing. We have had lots of fun learning what different foods can do for our bodies.

In Ponies 1 the children created their own ‘healthy eating’ plates and got some first-hand experience of buying their own healthy foods. They also got to make fruit kebabs, which went down a treat! We’ve had lots of visitors, from Dr Eve the dentist who showed us how to look after our teeth, to Stirling from G’s Farming, who very kindly gifted everyone each a Little Gem lettuce to grow.

For Healthy Me Week, Ponies 2 have loved joining up with Reception and the other nursery classes for our daily exercise sessions. We have practised Mindfulness with Yoga, and guided meditation sessions. We have been developing our teeth brushing skills after a visit from Dr Eve, and have been sharing ways that we can be healthy and look after our bodies.


A huge thank you to everyone who has helped to make ‘Healthy Me’ week into the huge success it has been, this week. The children (and staff) have loved every minute! 

A different theme has been introduced and explored every day, and every area of the curriculum has linked to the daily theme. 

In English, children have written their own ‘healthy me’ books. They are looking forward to sharing them with the Nursery children after half term and then with you all soon! Maths has been renamed ‘Moving Maths’ this week, as part of the ‘I like to move it, move it’ theme. Activities included; Number bonds of 10 beanbag splat, skittle subtraction, and Uno move!  

More highlights from the week include; 

  • Meeting Dr Cameron, the dentist!  
  •  Ashley, the manager from the school’s catering company Holroyd Howe, teaching the children all about ‘The Power Plate’, and then assisting them in making their own delicious snack.  
  • A ‘Bear Hunt’ themed yoga session in the forest with Mrs Toynbee. 
  • Daily outdoor fitness sessions with Mr Salt and Mrs Toynbee. 

On a slightly different note, the children were extremely excited to discover a frog in the classroom tank this week! Thank you to Cosima’s family who are going to find the little frogs and froglets a new home in their garden pond. 

Thank you also to Benjy’s dad for coming in and sharing a wonderful story all about map making. It was fascinating finding out all about his job as a Cartographer.  

Have a very happy half-term!  

Year 1

On Monday, Mr Wedgwood, a former headteacher of Fairstead House, came into class to tell us about the school in the 1980’s. We asked him lots of questions about the school and then took him on a tour where he told us about the changes the school had been through since he left in 1996.

The children were absolutely delighted to meet Mr Wedgwood and I was really impressed with how well they listened to him – they were enthralled! Imagine the children’s delight when, on Wednesday, two former students of Fairstead House, Kate and Andrew, joined Year 1 for the afternoon. It was such fun looking through old school photos from the 50s and 60s and trying to spot Andrew and Kate’s names on the old registers! It really was a wonderful experience which will be remembered for some time.

Year 2

In class this week, we have started our new topic on ‘time’! Our work on fractions has helped the children to find their way around the clock face. We have been learning about o’clock, half past, quarter past, quarter to, as well as five minute intervals.

Our Geography topic on ‘sensational safari’ has continued with gusto this week. We have thoroughly enjoyed exploring Kenya more and recording our information into our very own ‘lap book’. The lap books have turned out to be a great source of knowledge for the children. This week, our main focus has been finding out about the National Parks and Game Reserves of Kenya. The children have designed and created a map of their very own National Park, deciding where key features would go and creating a key.

Year 2 have had a wonderful week wrapping up our Great Fire of London topic! The children have been editing and producing a diary entry from the point of view of a child in 1666. They have worked incredibly hard to include descriptions of what they could see, hear, taste, smell and touch as well as how they would have felt. The end results are outstanding! On Wednesday we went to visit the Samuel Pepys library and museum in Cambridge. The children were so thrilled to see some of the paintings that we had been studying, images of Elizabeth (Samuel’s wife), his writing desk and maps of the day. We discovered his library contains 3000 books and they are arranged in size order- the smallest book could fit in our hand and the largest book was enormous! The children were incredibly well behaved and were a credit to our school. In art, we have been working on our final piece of ‘Line’ work- a 3D paper collage.

Have a wonderful half term break!

Year 3

Years 3 visited the Museum of Classical Archaeology in Cambridge. In groups, the children completed a museum trail by studying the Ancient Greek statues and carefully considered what they could learn from them about Ancient Greek lives. The children applied all their knowledge to the activity and raised some thoughtful questions. They were amazed by the size of some of the statues and this helped them to imagine even more details of this historical period. This visit enhanced their topic learning and created memories for all. Year 3 were a credit to Fairstead and their knowledge, understanding, manners and behaviour impressed the museum staff. Their impressive behaviour was even complimented by members of the public. Well done, Year 3! What a lovely way to bring out topic to life and end the half term.

Year 4

We have been continuing to look at animals in their habitats and this week, we went on an invertebrate hunt.  In the different areas of our grounds we have a wide range of habitats from shaded grass through the plant bank to a bark area.  A wide range of invertebrates were found and identified and some great notes made on them and their habitats.  It was also wonderful to see how respectful the children were to the different animals.  After we had finished drawing them, Mrs. Toynbee released them all carefully back from where they came.  This was explained to the children so they understood how we need to treat animals with care.

Year 5

Year 5 have been busy writing sci-fi stories with flashbacks this week. There were stories full of alien abductions, spacecraft crash-landing and weird-looking creatures. They used the tricky past perfect tense for their flashbacks and found we could write an interesting story in just three paragraphs.

In PSHE, the children have been deepening their understanding of how to stay safe online.  They looked at scenario where a child was placed in danger by someone pretending to be another child online. They came up with very good tips using the SMART poster that we use as a way to remember staying safe and were able to say how the child in the example had made mistakes in speaking to someone they didn’t know and revealing private information about themselves. Parents should rest assured knowing that we have some very savvy and safe children!

Year 6

This week, Year 6 have each enjoyed sharing their fifth independent research topic. Once again, the choice of subjects has been varied and interesting: The Titanic (Mia), The History of the Ancient Olympics (Isabella), Luis Suarez (Charlie), Veterinary Science (Fenella), Lionel Messi (Bert), Olivia Rodrigo (Eliza), Sir David Attenborough (Annabelle), The 2024 Solar Eclipse (Mina) and Zodiac Signs (Jess). As the year has passed, the children’s confidence has grown and, in the role of teacher, they are now thinking very carefully about how public speakers inform and entertain, often adding props and artefacts for extra interest. Some presentations ended with a written or hands-up quiz and the lucky winners received edible prizes – huge thanks for your support, Year 6 parents!

In science lessons, Year 6 have commenced their final topic on ‘Electricity’. Each child received a pack of components – bulbs, bulb holders, batteries, battery holders, battery snaps, crocodile clips, motors, buzzers and switches. The children tested that each component worked by making a variety of circuits, recalling knowledge from science lessons of previous years. This week, Charlie impressed us with his creation of a moving vehicle by combining DT TechCard and cardboard wheels with two motors. Well done, Charlie!

Have a lovely half term,

Michael Radford