Dear Parents,

This week has indeed been a busy one with trips and activities throughout the week.  Not only that, but we have also enjoyed sharing both school and nursery with a team of inspectors!  As you will see below, the children really have enjoyed all their learning and should feel very proud of their efforts.


This week we enjoyed celebration assembly with certificates and house point awards too.  In addition, John Willis spoke to the children on Thursday morning about ‘overcoming barriers’.  His inspirational assembly taught the children how he has used sport to inspire others.  Further information can be found on the Power2Inspire website here.

Clip ‘n’ Climb

Years 1 and 2 are going to Clip ‘n’ Climb on Monday.

Please send the children into school wearing their school PE kit, including long, close fitting trousers. Legs must be covered (skins under shorts are fine). The children will wear their outdoor shoes.
Climbers with long hair (below shoulder-length) must tie it back. Wristwatches, bracelets, and bangles are not permitted.

Cross-stitch Club

It was our final week of cross-stitch club and for some Year 6 children, their last session with us at Fairstead. As a result, we celebrated our achievements this year and gave the girls a session to remember with party food and their favourite songs. We also made bracelets and finished off our projects from this term. Developing our stitching skills has been an integral part of our club and the progress in designs and the quality of finish has been truly brilliant. A huge thank you to the parents who have supported our club and for your party contributions. An extra shout out to Annabelle and family who made us these amazing sewing-themed cupcakes! We hope you enjoy seeing some of our creations.

Miss Hunt

Informal Teatime Concert

On Tuesday 18th June, we had our last Informal Teatime Concert of the summer series. The String Ensemble played the first movement of the ‘Jamaican Suite’ and we heard pianists from KS1 perform for the first time. We had a varied programme of musicians performing including pianists, violinists, ukulele players and a cellist. Congratulations to everyone for a wonderful concert and I look forward to hearing our young musicians performing in the autumn series.

Tuck Shop

The second School Council tuck shop will take place on the afternoon of Thursday 27th June.

This will overlap with our book-sharing event.

School Council have listened to feedback from pupils and made some changes to having some healthier options of fruit for sale.

We will also be serving orange squash instead of hot chocolate because of the delightfully clement weather.

Parents are welcome to come along with their child after or during the book sharing or send their child in with change of up to £4.00 for which to purchase the following items:

  • Fruit
  • Cheese pastries
  • Mini sausage rolls
  • Biscuits
  • Party rings
  • Cakes
  • Haribo sweets
  • Chocolate fingers
  • Popcorn
  • Crisps
  • Orange squash



Thank you to all the LAMDA parents who provided wonderful feedback on their child’s digital portfolios. We are so pleased with the progress the students have made in such a short period – a huge congratulations to them all!

This week, we launched “Your Secure Folder,” an area where LAMDA students can upload activities they complete at home, either alone or with their families, such as rehearsals, line learning, character development, and more. This can include both written and recorded materials. Parents, we are very excited to see your creative work too!

Here are some snippets from their digital portfolios:

VIP Lounge

LAMDA students now have access to their very own VIP Lounge. This site contains a wealth of extra resources, including:

Enhanced Learning Area: Detailed descriptions and explanations of concepts and exercises we have been working on, including visual demonstration clips.

Performance Access: Access to theatrical shows, musicals, pantomimes, and exemplar public speaking performances by young children through TED Talks.

LAMDA September Enrolment Now Open

If you wish to enrol your child in private drama tuition classes from September, you can register here:

If you’re curious to learn more about Mr. Jones and the LAMDA exams, please visit our website:


We are excited to showcase some of our work exclusively for LAMDA parents and the parents of Year 5 and 6 students in the upcoming “Behind the Curtain” event. Parents, if you have not confirmed your attendance and your child’s participation, please let the office know by Monday 24th June. Alternatively, you can contact Mr Jones at


A few spaces are still remaining across all four weeks!

You can enjoy up to four weeks of fun-packed adventures. Join us for one, two, three, or the entire four-week adventure. Camp Creative runs Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 1 pm, at the Performing Arts Centre at Fairstead House School.


  • Monday 8th July – Friday 12th July: Bold Voices
  • Monday 15th July – Friday 19th July: An Actor’s Life for Me!
  • Monday 22nd July – Friday 26th July: Ink & Imagination
  • Monday 29th July – Friday 2nd August: Industry Insights – 4 Realms

For more information and to enrol, please check out our YouTube ad and website:

If you have any questions or need further information, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Jones at


Over the last few weeks in Shetlands, we have been looking particularly at improving our fine motor skills. We have been learning how to use scissors and exploring which hand we feel most comfortable with, and we have also used tweezers to strengthen our hands to pick up objects and see how long we can keep that grip before letting it go.

We have been busy role-playing as nurses and doctors, dressing up and pretending to look after the patients by using bandages or giving injections and checking their heart rate. This has brought up a lot of questions for the children due to their ever-growing curiosity.

We are always working on understanding and talking about our emotions using our self-registration board. The children have showed a great understanding of knowing the monster face expressions and now are starting to link to their own emotions, expanding beyond happy and sad and now using angry, worried, and loved.

We have also loved having Miss Annabelle, our student placement practitioner, with us all week this week rather than her usual 2 days. Miss Annabelle did a lovely interactive Gruffalo activity where the children used props and puppets to tell the story, which kept every child’s focus for the whole book.

What a fantastic few weeks we have had!


The children in Reception started the week with an amazing trip to Hunstanton Sea Life Centre. They loved learning more sea creature facts and were wowed by the wonderful sea creatures that they saw there. The children behaved beautifully and were thoroughly engaged. They enjoyed lunch and an ice lolly by the sea as a special treat!

Thank you to Jack and Edie who represented the school at the Royal National Lifeboat Office during the visit, and proudly handed over all kind donations from everyone at school. The volunteers they met were thrilled with the amount collected. Thank you everyone!

The sea creature theme continued into all areas of learning this week and the children enjoyed a variety of challenges linked to the story of ‘Billy’s Bucket’.

Billy kindly sent everyone in the class a bucket to take to the forest on Thursday and told them it was for a special challenge. He asked the children to create a habitat in their buckets and then to search for minibeasts to live in it. The children were excellent at taking their own photos and drawing pictures to represent what they had found.

Today, the children visited the library for the final time in Reception. They returned their books and enjoyed a special story time together. Thank you for all your support with library visits this academic year. Have a wonderful weekend!

Year 1

This week we have been learning more about Great Yarmouth after our wonderful trip. We decided to create our own leaflets all about Great Yarmouth’s main attractions. After exploring a variety of information leaflets and finding the common features, we then used fact sheets to find out about some of Great Yarmouth’s attractions including Merrivale Model Village, The Sealife Centre, The Hippodrome Circus and The Time and Tide Museum. We wrote information sentences about our 3 favourite attractions. We will share our finished information leaflets with you next week. Watch this space!

We were challenged to create a continuous line drawing of a minibeast in art. It was much harder than expected as we naturally took our sketching pencils off the page when we stopped to think. We then went on to explore three different types of sketching media – sketching pencils, fine tipped black pens and charcoal. Everyone had their own favourite media and for very different reasons.

Year 1 Class Music

This week in our class music lessons, Year 1 have used the story of ‘Mowgli in the Jungle’ as inspiration for composition. They have enjoyed exploring sounds for the hazards encountered on Mowgli’s journey to the water hole. Working in groups, pupils selected various percussion instruments for the snake pit, the bear cave, the dark and humid jungle and the swamp filled with alligators!

Year 2

What an exciting week we have had! The children were outstanding and showed their very best to the inspectors for the past 3 days. This week in our Plants topic, we have looked closely at the life cycle of a plant, wrote up our final observations of our ‘fair test seed experiment’ and have discovered how plants grow in even the most extreme environments. In literacy, we have been continuing with Alice in Wonderland. For our creative writing, we went outside with keyhole cut outs and gathered so many wonderful expanded noun phrases, similes and alliterative phrases in the garden and recorded them. When we returned, we drew the magic garden in a keyhole and created an outstanding piece of creative writing to go along with it. In DT the children have been building ladders, windscreens and hoses for their fire engines. They explored different joining techniques and in the end, decided on copious amounts of glue! Please do remember leggings or skins for our trip to Clip n’ Climb on Monday.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Year 3

In Year 3 this week, we have been creating our own mythical creatures, inspired by out Ancient Greek history unit. We have been describing their features and creating our own vocabulary banks using figurative language. The focus has been on creating an image for the reader using similes, alliteration, expanded noun phrases, powerful verbs and effective adverbs. In maths, we started our new statistics unit where we interpreted and drew pictograms and bar charts. We have been calculating by extracting the data and proving our answers. In science, we measured and observed the growth and changes of our bean experiment. Lily is still very much in the lead with the tallest bean of 31cm! In Creative Design, the children are coming towards the end of their textiles project. They worked hard to tie dye their bags and have now complete their cross-stitching detailing. Some children chose to use different stitches and created either a bull’s eye, stripe or polka dot design with their tie dye colours. As it was The Royal Life Saving Society’s Drowning Prevention Week, our swimming lesson had this focus. We created choppy waves to swim against. It was much harder than our usual swimming and worked together to huddle and keep warm. With summer holidays approaching, we discussed the importance of water safety.

Year 4

We started our new topic in maths this week, looking at co-ordinates.  These were a great opportunity to revise our 2D shapes and I was very impressed by the shapes that the children could remember – even isosceles trapeziums.

We combined English and science by thinking about what a habitat on another world could be.  There were some wonderful descriptions based on the children’s’ imagination.  They managed to convey what the habitat was like by using description as well as by using the senses.  After they had created their habitat, they then designed an animal that was adapted to live there.  By explaining the animals’ adaptations, they were able to demonstrate their ability to explain concepts as well as show their understanding of how adversity in a habitat can be overcome.  Then, to finish off Friday, we practised for sports day next week.

Years 3&4 Class Drama

In Class Drama we have been focusing on Puck’s opening and closing speech from ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ by William Shakespeare. Pupils have been working in groups to memorise their lines and using their understanding of ‘blocking’ in the theatre and their skills in creating various tableaux, we enjoyed watching each group perform.

Years 3&4 Class Music

In Class Music, one of the things we have been working on is the song ‘The Hope’ by Ayanna Witter-Johnson. The song is part of the project we have been preparing for ‘Create Day’ on Tuesday 2nd July. Pupils have been given creative ways to explore their own identity, relationship to others, and articulate their vision for the future. Using dance, singing and design, our pupils from Year 3 up to Year 6 have been on quite a creative journey.

Year 5

Year 5 have been practising their measurement conversions this week, which can be a little tricky when looking at imperial to metric.  They also investigated practical measurements through a maths enrichment activity, where they had to estimate and sort the correct weights and measurements of real-world objects e.g. boats, football pitches, the area of a stamp, etc.

In Science, pupils were asked to channel their inner David Attenborough and work collaboratively to write a narration for a documentary on life-cycles of various animals.  They will finish this next week.  In English the pupils wrote some wonderful sci-fi stories focusing on suspense as well as description and a variety in sentence openers.  In ICT pupils were challenged to make a 3D modelling design for a transporter that would carry a car they also have to design. We will be printing these 3D models as nets on card, then reconstructing to see if they managed it!

It was a busy week this week and will be even busier next! Let the fun continue!

In art this term, Year 5 have been working hard to create dragon eyes using different media. We started looking at the colour wheel where we explored primary, secondary, tertiary, complementary and contrasting colours. Creating lines of different thicknesses, we made basic shapes using pencil and pens. Then, we added detail using sharper and more accurate shapes and lines. Using pencils, we shaded our dragon eyes using different colour combinations. We created different textures for our dragon scales and used bold, crisp lines and contrasting colours. Today, the class used water colour paints to blend and outlined using lines of different thicknesses for effect. Well done, Year 5!

Miss Hunt

Year 6

Year 6 had a very relaxing Friday afternoon practising Chinese calligraphy whilst listening to mindful Chinese music via the classroom smartboard. The children started with a normal pencil then switched medium to either watercolour or poster paint.  They attempted their initials or full name and learned that whole words – such as ‘hope’ and ‘fire’ – are represented by one character, each created by a sequence of brushstrokes.

In groups of three, Year 6 have been creating a fact file about a chosen country. They worked on the same PowerPoint document from separate classrooms and have become proficient at organising their thoughts and ideas remotely via text and video. Mr Peace even received a message about a wobbly tooth via Chromebook!

The final Lego Club of the year took place this afternoon (it’s our annual Sports Afternoon next Friday). Years 5-6 have had lots of fun using their imagination and seven boxes of Lego to create a wonderful variety of worlds. Some of the children even joined their models together for a final photo!

Well done, Year 6, for two successful weeks – one in France and one under the scrutiny of inspectors! You have worked very hard and made us proud. Look forward to a busy final fortnight…and start thinking about your leavers’ speech!

Have a lovely weekend!

Michael Radford