Dear Parents

The week started with the exciting speed kick challenge, with children showcasing their football skills.  We have congratulated the winners with the most powerful kicks, and will be celebrating the fundraising totals in a few weeks’ time.  Other highlights this week have included trips to Lackford Lakes, exciting plant experiments and beautiful art work.  Please enjoy reading.


In celebration assembly, the children were congratulated on hard work this week in a range of areas.  In addition, two silver house point badges were awarded.  Well done!


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Exciting News from Creative Industries Academy!

This week, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our digital portfolios! These portfolios enable students to share all the amazing work they are doing in their sessions with their parents and families, no matter where they are in the world. The digital portfolios provide access to a wealth of resources to support students’ learning, including: Knowledge organisers, scripts and feedback. Additionally, parents and families can enjoy live Disney shows, West End productions, and numerous HOW-TO videos, allowing them to practise exercises with the students. We have also included super fun quizzes for students to test their knowledge and retention.

The most exciting feature, however, is that students can now watch and share footage of their LAMDA sessions. This allows parents to witness first-hand the progress their children are making and share in their achievements. No matter where they are in the world, families can stay connected and engaged in the students’ journey. If you’re curious to learn more about Mr. Jones and the LAMDA exams or wish to register your child, join us at:

Our Competition deadline is fast approaching!

Don’t miss out on a chance to win amazing prizes, including: £25, £15, and £10 Amazon vouchers for indulging in our favourite books and significant reductions on future enrolments with Mr Jones’s tuition. Speak to Mr. Jones if you would like any help with your poem or monologue. This is a wonderful opportunity to shine! To register your child for the Performance Competition, please visit:


The children in Yearlings have been exploring different animals as part of their topic, learning new vocabulary, using real life resources and using animal soundboards to identify different sounds made.

This week the children helped to make a cow out of a box, collected grass to feed the cow and watched a short clip on how farmers collect grass for cow feed.


Stories linked to frogs have been at the heart of all learning in Reception, this week.

The Frog Prince, Katie and the Waterlillies, and Oi Frog! are now all firm favourites in the children’s collections.

There have been some entertaining puppet shows and some super story writing linked to the story of ‘The Frog Prince’, in addition to the children telling some very imaginative subtraction stories.

After reading, ‘Oi Frog’, the children had great fun taking turns to feed a friendly frog rhyming words. They all took on the extra challenge of writing their own rhyming words to feed him too! Well done, Thinkasauruses!

Being able to explore the work of Claude Monet through the story of ‘Katie and the Waterlilies’ was a wonderful way to support the children’s creativity. The children were very excited to create Monet’s waterlily pond, using a range of different mediums. Visiting Giverny has even been suggested by one of the children as their next school trip!

On the subject of school trips… A big thank you to Emily and Janet at Lackford Lakes for really bringing all the children’s learning to life, this week. Pond dipping was a perfect way to end the week.

Year 1

We had an amazing day at Lackford Lakes on Tuesday. The adult helpers there were so impressed with our knowledge of pond creatures, birds and insects. We also impressed them with our excellent manners! We learned about pond wildlife while pond dipping, insects while minibeast hunting and bird behaviours while bird watching. What fun!

Yoga and meditation teacher, Natasha Goldson, came to visit us on Wednesday. She taught us all about the Buddhist practice of meditation. After we meditated, Natasha asked us how we felt. Some children said that they felt surprised as they couldn’t believe how calm and relaxed it made them feel. Others said that they saw shapes and other pictures while meditating. It was a wonderful experience!

Year 2

Year 2 have been exploring the importance of diaries when learning about the past. We have discovered that most of our information and the details we know about The Great Fire comes from the diary of Samuel Pepys. We have been learning about his experiences in 1666 and how they are very different from our lives today. We have been using our senses to write descriptive sentences about what we can hear (with audio files) and see (paintings from the past) and imagining what we could taste, touch and feel. Next, we created a rough draft of a diary entry with ourselves as the author! We took our minds back to the second night of the Great Fire and wrote a diary entry being so careful to include all of our success criteria. On Friday we have continued to learn about line. We have looked at the artist Miro and have been creating line drawings inspired by his incredibly imaginative work.

Year 3

This week in Year 3, the children have been writing their own overcoming the monster narratives independently. They have really impressed us with their creativity and originality. It has been wonderful to see all of their descriptive writing skills coming together as we draw closer to the end of the academic year. In maths, the focus has been on angles. The children have been identifying acute, obtuse and right angles. In science, the children set up two experiments to test the transportation of water in plants. The children made predictions and drew accurate diagrams with labels. As you can see from the photos, it was very exciting and the children have been rushing into the classroom each morning to make careful observations. In PSHE, we found out about Fairtrade and located countries to match the Fairtrade products. In topic, we examined historical artefacts to looks for symbols and evidence of the different Greek gods and goddesses. This really challenged us as some of the signs were very discreet. We are looking forward to our visit to the Museum of Classical Archaeology in Cambridge next week to see more original artefacts and all things Ancient Greek!

Year 4

Reflecting back on the penultimate week of this half term, I have been reminding myself how well the children have progressed this year.  They have always been good at sharing ideas verbally but now they are giving reasons and also being able to express the ideas in writing.  However, I am sure that for them, one of the highlights of the week will have been the speed shootout.  Some wonderful shots were fired down towards the net and the top speed was a close run thing.  However, there was only one winner who made a fantastic kick of 40mph.  Next week we will be finishing their creative writing as well as starting our new topic in maths – shape.

Year 5

We’ve been having a bit of a computer games theme running throughout our work.  In ICT, the children have been continuing to create their computer games.  They’ve been having fun designing, programming and evaluating their own maze games (pictured). In English, we’ve been reading extracts from Terry Pratchett’s Only You Can Save Mankind, a book about a computer game that comes to life and the children have been writing their own sci-fi stories on it.  It is also gratifying to note that the children had a keen sense that it should be ‘Humankind’ instead of ‘Mankind’-things have changed since 1992, when it was first published!  In PSHE, pupils have recently been looking at how to stay healthy online and their relationships to being online and how to stay healthy with it.  Watch out parents, they may be telling you off for ‘doom scrolling’ or checking your messages at the table!

Year 6

The week started with a bang when Year 6 joined Year 5 on Monday morning for Premier Sport’s speed-kick competition. Well done to Mina (44 mph) and Bert (31 mph) for the fastest kicks! Thank you to everyone who has supported this fundraising event.

In Thursday afternoon’s history lessons, Year 5-6 enjoyed learning about Fu Hao, Warrior Queen of the Shang Dynasty. They were surprised to learn of the many and varied items that were discovered by archaeologists in 1976 when her tomb was opened, untouched by tomb robbers; they included 27 knives, 20 arrowheads, 500 hairpins, 755 jade objects and 4 statues of tigers – not forgetting the skeletons of 6 dogs and 16 slaves! The importance of Fu Hao was emphasised by the presence of 6,900 cowrie shells, used as currency by the Shang. The children are invited to bring into school any artefacts relating to our topic, especially their own archaeological finds!

Year 6 are thoroughly enjoying their Friday afternoon art and ICT lessons; this week’s art focus was on one of the ‘Four Gentleman’: bamboo, plum blossom, orchid and chrysanthemum. The children experimented with black watercolour paint and varied brush strokes to create linear compositions of bamboo plants and, with practice, it was lovely to see the children become increasingly confident. The week ended with a light-hearted activity involving the use of our Chromebooks to communicate instructions. In pairs, each child set a task for their partner – from separate classrooms – such as ‘I would like you to create an image montage of a dancing fox next to a horse wearing sunglasses and a pufferfish in a suit on a background of doughnuts’. As one of the children said, ’Mr Peace these searches are very random and niche…but it’s such fun!’

Have a lovely weekend!

Michael Radford