Dear Parents,

In the final week of this half term, many of the children have been enhancing their learning with a range of trips.  On Monday, Year 4 visited Colchester Castle Museum for their Romans topic; Year 1 went to Shepreth Wildlife Park for their minibeasts topic; and this morning Year 2 went to Cambridge Zoological Museum as part of their studies on animals.  As you will read below, the week has been full of exciting learning and activities.


In celebration assembly this morning, there were numerous descriptions for certificates being awarded; as well as a record number of house point badges.  Well done to all!

Film Night

On Thursday afternoon, over 70 children attended the FHPA Film Night to watch ‘Trolls Band Together’.  The Parents’ Association arranged for pizza, popcorn and glowsticks!  The children thoroughly enjoyed their cinema experience; a huge thank you to the FHPA for organising this event and all their help.


Reception, along with the Heads of School, were delighted to present a cheque for £180 to Newmarket Library following a recent Readathon.  Well done!

World Book Day

This year, children and staff will celebrate World Book Day on the following dates:

  • Nursery and Reception – Thursday 7th March
  • Years 1-6 – Friday 8th March

Please see the letter that was sent out this week regarding dressing up, prizes and optional activities for children and parents. Thank you!

House Points

This week in assembly, the Year 6 children counted all the tokens that had been collected for house points.  A token is awarded when ten house points are collected, which Mr Radford keeps in his office.  The number of tokens that have been earned is superb!  The running totals are:

  • 3rd Wedgwood 461
  • 2nd Buckenham 499
  • 1st Taylor 546


Our U11 Girls Netball matches against Gosfield School, where both the A and B teams experienced their first 7-a-side games. The enthusiasm, teamwork, and sportsmanship displayed by our young athletes were great to see. The children took charge of the warm-up and positional rotations, demonstrating excellent leadership and ensuring everyone had a chance to explore new positions.

In a nail-biting match, the A team played a tight game that ended in a 10-10 draw. The last quarter saw a remarkable comeback, with our team winning 3 goals to 1, levelling the score. Anna’s stoic defending in the final quarter limited their star shooter to just 1 goal. Mina’s exceptional passing skills earned her the Player of the Match award from the opposition, highlighting her crucial role in the team’s performance.

The B team showed real resilience on the court, facing another excellent shooter from the opposition. Despite a 6-4 defeat, the team exhibited outstanding effort and had an excellent time on the court. Fenella’s noteworthy contributions earned her the Player of the Match nomination from the other team, acknowledging her positive impact during the game.

Well done to the children who took on leadership roles in warm-ups and positional rotations, contributing to the overall positive team feeling.

Informal Teatime Concert

We had our last concert of the Lent series on Tuesday 13th February and what a marvellous concert it was. There were a few pupils who gave their performance and we heard a variety of instruments being played including ‘We Will Rock You’ on drum kit! Well done to all our young instrumentalists and singers for performing so well.


It’s been a few weeks full of celebrations in the Foals room, and the children have enjoyed exploring different sensory trays related to Chinese New Year, Pancake Day and Valentine’s Day. Using their fine motor skills and different senses, they have investigated the textures, smells and tastes.


Shrove Tuesday was a very special day in Reception, in fact, it has been so special the children have celebrated it across the whole week! 

The children were very interested to discover how Pancake Day is celebrated differently in each country in the United Kingdom and around the world! They loved watching the ‘Great Pancake Race’ in Olney and enjoyed telling all visitors to the classroom about how this famous tradition began in 1445.  

There was a super pancake making master class and tasting session with Chef Alleyne which was great fun. It was even more fun seeing how many could be flipped without touching the floor! Thank you to Chef Alleyne for helping to make the day extra special. The children took all your cooking tips to the forest with them and made some wonderful woodland pancakes too!  

Thank you so much to our Surprise Reader, this week. It was wonderful to hear your super story and the children really appreciated all their special valentine’s gifts too.  

Thank you to you all for another super half term! Enjoy a very well-earned break next week. 

Year 1

We were lucky enough to visit Shepreth Wildlife Park on Monday to learn all about animal classification! We grouped animals depending on their diets using the words carnivore, herbivore and omnivore. We also grouped them into their animal groups including mammals, fish, amphibians, insects, birds and reptiles. Finally, we grouped animals depending on when they are active. We learned the words nocturnal, diurnal and crepuscular! It was great fun spotting the different animals around the park and deciding which groups they belonged to. We had a such a wonderful day and the beautiful weather was the icing on the cake!

Year 2

What an amazing final week of the half term! We have been learning about Shrove Tuesday and have been reading about the biggest pancake made in the UK- it was 15m across and 2.5cm thick! We thought of some amazing questions we would have loved to ask the people who decided to make such an extraordinary pancake. On Wednesday we had an entire day dedicated to learning all about Chinese New Year. We read about the Year of the Dragon, collected data on zodiac animals in the school and created a bar chart with the results. After that, we sequenced the Great Race and discovered that there are two versions of the Legend of the Zodiac- one has a race across the land and the other a race across the river. We discovered that people write wishes to hang on a wishing tree on Chinese New Year and then wrote our own wishes as well! We also participated in a variety of crafts throughout the day: making paper dragons, weaving Chinese lanterns, writing a sentence in Mandarin and cutting out Chinese symbols of happiness. On Thursday we had a very special visitor! Mrs Du Jones came to tell us all about the Lunar Celebrations at their house. It was a fantastic discussion! On Friday we completed our look at animal adaptations with a trip to the Cambridge Zoology Museum. It is a truly special place and I urge you all to visit if you are in Cambridge!

Have a wonderful half term.

Year 3

This final week of half term has been a particularly busy one in Year 3. We have been working extremely hard on our rags to riches narratives in English. We have created our own characters, setting, and plot, and edited to improve our punctuation and grammar. Our stories are very original and fit the rags to riches plot point structure brilliantly. In science, we had our final lesson on rocks and soils. We investigated the permeability of different soils by filtering and using our observation skills. We visited Year 1 to share our science learning and to find out what they had been discovering about dinosaurs and fossils in topic. Year 1 listened so beautifully to us and we were impressed with their knowledge too! We loved sharing our discoveries and we particularly enjoyed sharing our information pages on Mary Anning. Great work Year 1 and Year 3, what a wonderful way to share and consolidate our learning!

Year 4

As part of their studies of the Romans, Year 4 were lucky enough to visit Colchester Castle Museum this week. During our day, we explored the museum’s interactive displays and artefacts relating to the Iron Age, Boudicca’s revolt and Roman Britain. The children really consolidated their understanding of what life in Britain would have been like in Iron Age and Roman times, as well as recognising how we can learn about the past from objects. Within the chapel of the museum, the children enjoyed reconstructing an iron age roundhouse and a roman villa! The highlight of the day was stepping back in time, as we made our way below into the vaults underneath the Castle. Here, our guide retold the history of the Castle and how it was built on the foundations of the Temple of Claudius, which had been destroyed as part of Boudicca’s rebellion. The children had great fun handling Roman Army equipment and re-enacting a Celtic and Roman battle in slow motion!

Year 5

Year 5 have been honing their persuasive skills and formal writing again this week.  They were given ownership over who they would like to write to and what to write about within the parameters of improving their local community.  Some chose to write to Councillor Winter, the Mayor of Newmarket, to persuade her to put in a safe pedestrian crossing.  However, others, decided to write again to Mr. Radford to persuade him to change things for the improvement of the school.  It must be very difficult to decide how to respond to such persuasive letters!

Document 1; Document 2; Document 3

Year 6

The presentation of Year 6 independent research topics continued this week. Thank you, Charlie (Liverpool FC), Mina (Pokemon) and Mia (Circus), for sharing some very interesting facts – and well done, Annabelle, for helping Mia during her presentation by dressing up as a clown! In science lessons, Year 6 have been using the ‘Switch Zoo’ app on their Chromebooks to create some very unusual hybrid animals – linked to their current topic on Inheritance and Evolution – and it was lovely to hear one of the children say that it was ‘the best science lesson ever’! In English lessons, Year 6 have been writing playscripts and are looking forward to choosing their casts, distributing their scripts and performing the plays after the half-term holiday. On the subject of next half-term, Years 5-6 will have a break from tennis for 5 weeks so that other lessons can be taught when the number of rehearsals for Lion King Jr increase. Mr Peace teaches History, Geography and RS to Years 5-6 on a Thursday afternoon and encourages the children to bring into school relevant items from home. Thank you, William, for sharing your rocks and fossils with classmates! Year 3-4 spend Wednesday afternoons in the Year 6 classroom where they have been making marble runs in DT lessons. Well done, in particular, to Charlotte, Daisy, Naomi and Rosalind for your successful teamwork in the final challenge!

Have a lovely half-term!

Michael Radford