Dear Parents

Yet another week has passed, with more exciting learning, production rehearsals and young scientists exploring.  Please enjoy reading all about what your children have been learning this week!


This morning we congratulated many children for their efforts in class, musical and language achievements, and also for earning badges for high numbers of house points.  Harry was also congratulated on completing NUMBOTS, an online maths program.  Harry has successfully completed every level – what an outstanding achievement!

Uniform Sale

On Monday 25th March, the FHPA will be holding a second-hand uniform sale before and after school in the outdoor Reception area.


Ponies 2 have had a very full on week, learning about Ramadan, conducting experiments for Science Week, and finishing off with a crazy day as we ‘Dressed Funny for Money’ in aid of this year’s Red Nose Day.

As Monday was the first day of Ramadan, we listened to a story explaining what happens and we started our Ramadan Kindness calendar, where each day we take on a challenge of looking after our friends, family and planet. This week our challenges included smiling at our friends, picking up litter and telling our family why we love them. Over the next month we will be learning more about Ramadan, working though our kindness challenges and making decorations for the classroom in preparation for an Eid-Al-Fitr celebration meal.

We have learnt about electricity by completing simple circuits, saw how soap helps to keep germs away, colour mixed a rainbow, and made rainbow flowers. We were especially lucky as one child and their Dad brought in a microscope for us to look at some familiar items in more detail. We loved seeing all the patterns and colours.

Finally on Friday the children came in wearing red clothes, or funny outfits. We talked about why and how we raise money to help others. Thank you so much to everyone who donated, you were so generous.


The children in Reception have absolutely loved celebrating British Science Week, this week. The theme has been ‘Time’ and comparing and matching baby photos to recent photos was a wonderful way to start the week and introduce the children to this concept.  

Following on from this, the children have enjoyed undertaking the flower drinking experiment, the dancing raisins experiment, the skittles colour mixing experiment, and the fruit and vegetables experiment. The classroom has been full of Thinkasauruses and Exploradactlys, as the children have been busy making predictions, testing their ideas and recording their findings. 

On Tuesday, the children were joined by Lead Scientist, Dr Fekry and she turned everyone into trainee scientists, including the teachers and Mr Radford! Her newly trained team did the most amazing job of helping her crack DNA codes! Wow! Thank you so much for coming in and teaching us all so much, Dr Fekry. 

On Thursday, the children visited Scotsdales Garden Centre in Horningsea to plant their very own sunflower seeds. It was the most fantastic morning and the children loved sharing all their super knowledge of the sunflower life cycle with the team there. A huge thank you to Jonny and everyone at Scotsdales for such a fun morning of learning!  

A big thank you also to Jack’s mummy for being our surprise reader this week and sharing a super story linked to ‘Science Week’ with us all.

It has been another wonderful week!  

Year 1

To celebrate British Science week, Year 1 have been exploring the topic ‘Light and Dark.’ Olivia, a science student from Abbeygate College, came to support our learning for the afternoon. After taking part in several experiments, we learned that eyes need light to be able to see. We experimented with coloured acetates and prisms, and we learned about both refraction and reflection.

Walt, our class learning owl, sent us a letter asking us to make a reflective badge for his night-time cape so the other owls could see him clearly. In pairs, we worked together to explore various materials which we believed would reflect light the best. We then tested our badges (fairly, of course) and Walt decided which badge would help him be seen in the dark! Edith and Weiya’s design was chosen as the most reflective. Walt was thrilled!

Year 2

Earlier this week the Year 2 children learned about measuring length and height. First they explored about measuring in centimetres, then metres. This involved lots of practical work. The children are becoming very good at estimating and measuring things around the classroom and school. Two children did an excellent job of measuring the length of the hall with metre sticks and were almost as accurate and Mr Rix’s special high-tech gadget for measuring distance!

World Book Day parent readers (Monday 11th March) – On Monday the children were lucky to have three Year 2 parents share some of their favourite childhood books. Mrs Chowdhury (a poem about chocolate cake), Mrs Parsons (The Little Prince), Mrs Beardsworth (an Angelina Ballerina picture book). The parents kindly brought in some chocolates for the children to enjoy, and Mrs Beardsworth caused much excitement by giving a balloon to each child (linked to her storybook)!

Year 3

This week has been a been a busy one in Year 3. We have been rehearsing for the Lion King Jr with all of Key Stage 2 and we are looking forward to our three performances next week. In English, we used our summarising skills to analyse our model non-chronological report. We are looking to writing our own non-chronological reports on our favourite animals very soon. In maths, we continued our unit of fractions. We enjoyed ordering and comparing unit and non-unit fractions in a variety of ways. We explored the concept of ‘one whole’ and how this can be represented. Using bar models, we investigated numerators and denominators to prove that when the numerators are the same, the greater the denominator, the smaller the fraction. We used different manipulatives to represent non-unit fractions in a variety of ways. In science, we investigated the effects of friction. We predicted which ramp surface would have the most friction and measured how high the ramp needed to be lifted for the car to travel down the ramp. We made a table of results and came to a conclusion in our groups and then as a class. Some of us were surprised by our findings. In topic, we explored why the rainforest is under threat and how the rainforest can be protected. We couldn’t believe how many threats there are to the rainforest and how much action is needed to protect them.

Year 4

In English, the children have been discussing their class reader, ‘Truckers’ and how the story might end.  They then completed an independent writing task to create the ending that they thought would happen.  I am sure that you will enjoy reading their versions at our next book sharing afternoon.

Year 5

This week saw the Year 5 continuing on with their Healthy Me PSHCE work by learning to dress an arm wound and put it in a sling.

Although the triangular bandage proved a little troublesome for some, they had several goes to achieve various states of success as you can see from the results.  They also demonstrated their nurturing bedside manners.

“I really enjoyed it because it’s a really good thing to know and one day it might help someone in that situation.” Laila

“It was fun and it’s a useful thing for the future.”-Anna

In maths this week, Year 5 have been investigating and solving problems with perimeter and area of 2-D shapes and all pupils have improved marvellously – there were some challenging problems with compound shapes that needed quite a bit of puzzling out.  We have also been recycling concepts in number and building on them, such as missing number problems, division to two decimal places, square and cubed numbers and equivalent fractions to remind and build confidence in pupils ahead of their end of term assessment in maths next week – Eeeek!

In English, the pupils have really been enjoying writing brochures to advertise a holiday destination.  We’re still putting the finishing touches on these but will soon finish and look forward to sharing.

Year 6

In Geography and History lessons, Years 5-6 are learning about China and the Shang Dynasty. It has been fascinating to discover the varied man-made and natural landscape of the country and we have been wowed by the population of ‘megacities’ such as Shanghai and Beijing. This Thursday, we learned that the Shang Dynasty arose in the Bronze Age and that stories about the Shang rulers were written on ‘oracle bones’ – can you imagine writing on the flattened scapula of an ox? It is always interesting when children bring artefacts from home to share with classmates. Thank you, David and Mina, for telling us about the items from London’s Chinatown – we are going to hang them up in the classroom – and what a lovely end to the week when Annabelle brought a beautiful tea set into school and Years 5-6 had the chance to try a cup of green tea (with a biscuit, of course!).

Have a lovely weekend!

Michael Radford