Dear Parents,

This week the children have been very busy, enjoying trips, visits, visitors and residentials!  As you will read below, the week has been one of wonderful memories and experiences, consolidating learning and enjoying new experiences.  As I read through the newsletter, our Year 5 and 6 children are travelling back from an amazing week in France.  I am sure they will be very pleased to share all their news over the weekend with parents and next week we will share some of their incredible activities and memories in the newsletter.


In celebration assembly this morning, a child shared their Scout Beaver of the Year award, two children received their pen licences and many others were celebrated for their hard work, kindness and determination.  Well done.


LAMDA Students

This week, LAMDA students have been filming their sessions to be uploaded to their digital portfolio next week, allowing all their family members to see the great work they are doing. In just five sessions, students have almost fully learned their first piece and are now working on presenting it with sincerity. To achieve this, we have been using some unconventional strategies, such as spinning on a chair, bouncing a ball and picking up items around a room. These techniques, common in drama schools, help students focus less on the text and more on other activities as they speak. This helps them relax and deliver their pieces more naturally.

We are also excited to showcase our work exclusively for LAMDA parents and the parents of Year 5 and 6 students in the upcoming “Behind the Curtain” event. This insightful hour will give parents and guests an intimate view of the creative rehearsal process. If you’re curious to learn more about Mr. Jones and the LAMDA exams or wish to register your child, join us at

Holiday School – CAMP CREATIVE!

Spaces are being snapped up across all four weeks!

Last week, we were excited to announce the launch of our 2024 Summer Holiday School – Camp Creative! You can enjoy up to four weeks of fun-packed adventures. Join us for one, two, three, or the entire four-week adventure.

Camp Creative runs Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 1 pm, at the Performing Arts Centre at Fairstead House School.


  • Monday 8th July – Friday 12th July: Bold Voices
  • Monday 15th July – Friday 19th July: An Actor’s Life for Me!
  • Monday 22nd July – Friday 26th July: Ink & Imagination
  • Monday 29th July – Friday 2nd August: Industry Insights – 4 Realms

For more information on each week and to enrol, please check out our YouTube ad and website here:

If you have any questions or need further information, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Jones at


Yearlings have made a great start with their new topic of ‘Space’ this week. They have created some mini planets, using tinfoil in paint as a mark making tool, whilst exploring how colours mix. In addition to this, the children took part in space yoga and engaged in mathematical language, whilst counting down for the take off of their rocket!


The children have had a wonderful week dedicated to keeping themselves safe! 

They had lots of fun visiting Felixstowe’s Coast Patrol Office on Tuesday and listened beautifully to the volunteers there. The team were so impressed with the children’s knowledge of the sea safety code, they let the children explore their lifeboat and try on their life jackets!  

On Wednesday, the children wowed Suffolk police with their knowledge of how to keep safe in the community. They explained clearly what to do if they were lost and how to cross the road safely. Sitting in the police car and turning on the siren was a super treat for all! 

In maths, the focus was on sharing. This linked perfectly to the story of the Rainbow Fish which also inspired some special artwork for Sunday. We hope all the daddies have a super day!  

The children enjoyed a wonderful story and chocolate biscuits too, from our Surprise Readers this week. Thank you so much for visiting. 

The children are now looking forward to their trip to the SeaLife Centre on Monday. Please remember to be in school between 8.20am and 8.30am and that collection will be at 4pm. Many thanks. 

Year 1

We enjoyed the most wonderful trip to Great Yarmouth’s Tide and Time Museum and the ‘Golden Mile’ beach on Wednesday. Lots of us said that it was the best day ever (despite the rainy weather!) In our first activity, we met a Victorian lady who was shocked to learn that it was 2024 and not 1860. She taught us all about what a beach trip looked like 160 years ago. Some of us got to try on some Victorian swimwear and we soon found that swimming would be incredibly difficult wearing the full-length costumes! In our second activity, we learned all about the Mods and Rockers from the 1960’s. We learned their catchphrases and really enjoyed shouting them at the opposing group.  We learned how the Mods and Rockers dressed before having our very own ‘dance-off’ in the ‘Battle of the Beach.’ We also enjoyed a yummy ice cream at The Beach Terrace Tea Room. Juliet, the café owner, gave us all a Great Yarmouth postcard. We felt very lucky. It was a shame that it rained but it didn’t stop us from having a lovely day at the seaside!

Year 2

Year 2 started the week exploring Statistics. We have been making tally charts, bar charts and pictograms as well as trying hard to interpret the data within them. We have discovered that our addition and subtraction language (difference, altogether, more than, greatest, fewer) have played a huge part in working out the answers! In Literacy, we have started our novel study ‘Alice in Wonderland’ adapted by Emma Chichester Clark. We had a wonderful time trying to explain the nonsensical story and all of the incredible characters to the children who were unfamiliar with the story- the looks on their faces was a picture! We will read through the story together and use our VIPERS skills to discuss the text and answer questions. We have also spent time comparing ‘How Doth the Little Busy Bee’ with Lewis Carols alternative version ‘How Doth the Little Crocodile’. In Science we have been dissecting runner bean seeds and making very accurate observations about our ongoing ‘fair test’ experiment. So far, our predictions have been fairly accurate! In PSHE we have listened to the Pantasaurus Song and discussed what parts of our body are private and that ‘my body belongs to me’.

Have a wonderful Father’s Day!

Year 3

On Monday, Year 3 had an immersive day of history from Past Productions. The day started with an introduction from our special visitor, ‘Zeus’. He set the scene for the day and amazed us with impressive facts and information. Zeus continued by telling us about how everything started for the Ancient Greeks and the geographical location compared to today. The next activity was a drama workshop. In groups, the children acted out different stories involving the different gods and goddesses. The sketches were fantastic and everyone played their roles brilliantly. Following this, the children were challenged to compete in the Olympic Games, Ancient Greek style! It was very challenging and the rules were very different to today. We even had an overall winner who was announced as the champion. Well done, Octavia! Zeus was so impressed with our engagement, knowledge and behaviour.

Back in the classroom for the afternoon, the children took part in lots of activities. We looked closely at the patterns used in Ancient Greek pottery. Firstly, we practised different patterns and designs. Then, we used scratch art card to draw a Greek pot and our best patterns to design our own Ancient Greek pots. We ended the day with a quiz to test our knowledge and understanding. Miss Hunt was impressed that we scored 100%! The children thoroughly enjoyed the enhancement of our topic learning with an immersive day of bringing history to life. What a day to remember and a fantastic way to support this topic! A huge thank you to the Year 3 parents for the brilliant costumes and to Ben (from Past Productions) for being so excellent!

Year 4

On Monday Year 4 welcomed Past Productions into school for an afternoon of all things Viking! They started off the afternoon by learning some interesting facts about different aspects of Viking life, including Viking law and order. One of the methods used to determine whether someone was innocent or guilty was ‘trial by cake’ (not as appealing as it sounds!), whereby the accused had to eat a dry piece of bread or cake without choking on it. If they so much as coughed, they were presumed guilty and executed immediately! Naomi experienced Viking marriage, dressing up in a typical Viking wedding outfit. Viking girls were married at around 12, and boys at 16. The woman was given ‘the keys to the house’ upon marriage. Henry and Roan demonstrated how disputes were settled by ‘fighting to the death’ through a range of carefully choreographed moves! The children learned about Viking longboats and how and why they were designed. They were interested to find out that Vikings used the sun to navigate and released ravens to search for land. The children also discovered that many familiar place names have their origins in the Viking languages. 

Later on, the children showcased their fantastic acting skills by acting out various Viking scenes and stories from Viking mythology.  They displayed some excellent groupwork. Some of the children were utterly terrifying as Viking warriors! 

The children finished off the afternoon by handling a range of Viking artefacts, including a Viking helmet, sword, axe, jewellery, and drinking vessels. The favourite item was definitely the helmet; we were all surprised by how heavy it was. A super afternoon had by all! 

Have a lovely weekend!

Michael Radford