13th October 2023

Dear Parents,

This week the children have been learning about World Mental Health Day and how to keep a healthy mind, ask for help and be aware of others and how they feel.  In addition, children have been on trips to local charities, playing in sports fixtures, throwing Humpty Dumpty out the window and travelling the world.  It really has been an exciting week of learning and as always, a highlight is sharing all the achievements in celebration assembly.

Suffolk Education Awards

We are delighted to announce that we have been nominated as finalists in the Suffolk Education Awards for The Wellbeing Award.  To read about us and the other finalists, please click here.

Prep and After School Care

Bookings for Prep and After School Care are accessible through our booking system here.  This can be booked as and when needed.  However, it is important that you use the booking system, so that we can ensure room allocations can cater for the number of children attending Prep and also ensure the kitchen is aware of numbers for those staying for tea.

Newmarket Food Bank

A big thank you to everyone who has already sent in donations for Newmarket Food Bank. The trolley is filling up fast! Please could we ask for all donations to be brought in by Thursday 19th October, ready to be collected by volunteers on Friday 20th.  After speaking to a volunteer at the Food Bank, I discovered that they have been particularly low on donations this year. Therefore, anything you can donate would be greatly appreciated. 

Many thanks for your continued support, 

Mrs Sanders 

Shoebox Appeal

Thank you to all the parents that have already returned shoe boxes.  If there are any further donations, please can they be returned to school by Friday 20th October.


Children in Years 3-6 have access to Teams as part of Office 365.  Although this is used to access class resources and/or homework, we have been made aware of children using the chat feature and also video calling one another out of school hours.  We will remind children that these features should only be used in relation to their learning and when directed by staff, and ask you to reinforce this when children are using devices at home. Thank you for your support.

Informal Concert

On Tuesday 10th October, we had our first Informal Concert of the Michaelmas series 2023. Although a small number of musicians performed, we enjoyed a variety of songs and pieces of difficult levels and ages. Well done to everyone and many thanks to our Music Prefects who served refreshments and helped set up and clear away.

Our next concert will be after half term on Tuesday 14th November.


This week Ponies 1 have been reading the Gingerbread Man in both English and Spanish.  Activities following the story have included baking gingerbread men and decorating them.  There have also been counting games where the children have been counting the spots and matching them to the associated number.  The children have also created their own gingerbread man using mark making skills as well as cutting shapes from the story.


This week, the children in Reception have been on another adventure! 

Yesterday, they visited Newmarket’s Food Bank at The Racing Centre. They were greeted by the volunteers who worked there and listened carefully to them to find out more about it. The volunteers were amazed by the children’s manners and maturity. Well done, Reception!  

The children enjoyed making puppets too this week and they were keen to use them in their performances of The Little Red Hen! They were also kind enough to help this very special bird to order her feathers by length, alongside ordering the wheat she had cut, by height.  

The story was linked to how important it is to help others and the children celebrated all their hard work by working as a team to make their own bread. They are bringing it home to share with you this weekend. Enjoy!  

Year 1

We flew to China this week!

We learned how to write Chinese characters and created our own Chinese fans, and we used quills to write our names in simplified Chinese.

We also practised using chopsticks in our own Chinese restaurant and created models of The Great Wall of China! Finally, we practised the Chinese martial art of Tai Chi. It really helped to calm our minds and set us up for the day!

Year 2

Monday was such an exciting day! We put our ‘materials’ invention to the test to see if Humpty Dumpty would survive the fall from the Year 2 window. The children worked so hard and should be incredibly proud of their creations. Ask your learner what the outcome of the test was. Year 2 have been working hard on addition and subtraction this week. We have been counting on and back from given numbers and have worked hard to count back across a ten with confidence. We have been using equipment, counters and ten frames to show all of the ways we can make ten and then started thinking about ‘if then’ maths e.g. If I know 2+8=10 then I know that 20+80=100. Some of us have developed our thinking to sums within 20 as well. In English, the children have been planning our own version of a Little Red story. We have planned carefully, linking all of this half term’s learning into our sentences. We made connections between our lessons to show that all of the work we have been learning can be ‘stitched’ together to make our stories even better! Have a wonderful weekend!

Year 3

In history this week, we explored primary and secondary sources. We studied written evidence, archaeological evidence, artwork, maps, letters, diaries, documentaries and stories. In particular, we studied American explorer and travel writer, John Lloyd Stephens and British artist, Frederick Catherwood, who are credited with re-igniting interest in the ancient Maya civilisation from 1839 onwards. We found out how the ruins and lost cities of Mesoamerica had been explored and recorded earlier in history, but detailed documentation by Catherwood brought attention back to the Maya and their fascinating civilisation. We sorted different sources in primary and secondary and asked lots of excellent questions to extend our knowledge and understanding. In PSHE, we read different scenarios and discussed the responsible and irresponsible choices that could be made. We then discussed the feelings involved and consequences of our actions. In science, we delved deeper into the functions of the skeleton. We found out that the skeleton protects, supports and allows us to move. We even found out about different types of joints and where they are in the body. Year 3 are full of facts and information this week and I’m sure they will impress you with their knowledge. 

Year 4

We have been looking at addition and subtraction this week.  I have been impressed with how strong their column addition and subtraction is.  It is also great to see the children using specific language when explaining their answers and methods.  This includes place value vocabulary and also different ways of saying add and subtract – total, sum, combine, difference, reduce, less than.

In English, we have been looking at how we can show an emotion by describing a person rather than just telling the reader how they feel.  Some children even started to combine their use of body language with similes that we had looked at earlier in the week.  The similes created both by the class and individually were excellent showing the creativity of the class.

Year 5

This week, Year 5 have been analysing a suspenseful text about the legend of Beowulf and Grendel.

The pupils then took this into their own writing to write suspenseful stories of their own.  There was a lot of success in creating tension and we will be exploring this more in the build-up to Halloween next week.


We look forward to sharing our creepy, suspenseful stories when they are finished.

Year 6

In Science, Year 6 have been finding out the scientific name for a range of favourite animals. Bert noticed that the Latin name of ‘big cats’ often begins with ‘panthera’. Next week, the children will be looking at the work of Carl Linnaeus and understand how to use the word ‘species’ in relation to scientific terms such as kingdom, phylum, class, order, family and genus. In History lessons, Years 5-6 learned about the 11+ exam and the impact that it had on the future lives of 1950’s children. Year 6 were particularly sympathetic, knowing that many of them will be sitting entrance tests to independent secondary schools in January or February! Thank you very much to Fenella and Lily for bringing into school some wonderful historical artefacts including a 45rpm record of songs by The Goons and Lily’s Grandad’s school reports! In DT lessons, Year 6 have been creating some impressive marble runs from the top of the science lab desks to a cup on the floor of the classroom. Next week, they will bring all of their ideas, knowledge and skills from the past 6 weeks to the final lesson of this half-term and make a ‘mega marble run’!

Have a lovely weekend!

Michael Radford