Dear Parents

This week, House Assemblies focused on E-safety and how to stay healthy online.  The main aim was to remind children how to be kind to one another at all times, both in person and when using devices.  The children also explored the importance of game break cards and how to balance the time when using devices.  Also this week the children have enjoyed the sunnier weather with outdoor learning and sports fixtures.  Please enjoy reading.


In celebration assembly today, children were presented with their pen licences, LAMDA certificates, merit certificates and house point badges.  It really was a wonderful way to celebrate the week!


On Wednesday our U11 girls took part in their first ever hard-ball cricket match. The girls played a 20 over game. Fielding first, Fairstead got off to a strong start, taking some early wickets with straight bowling and some good catching. Everyone bowled 3 overs, gaining good experience for upcoming festivals and fixtures. Isabella bowled particularly well and claimed 2 wickets in her first over. Laila, keeping wicket for the first time, did a great job! Chasing 115 for victory, Fairstead stayed up with the run rate through the majority of their innings only to fall short by 17 runs. Special mention to Fenella (9) and Mia (11) who were excellent with the bat. Overall the girls can be very proud of their first hard-ball game. I’m looking forward to the rest of the season and working hard on our bowling, batting and fielding skills!


On Tuesday 7th May, we had our first Informal Teatime Concert of the Summer 2024 series. We enjoyed hearing members of The Magic Flutes group perform and we had pupils from Year 1 up to Year 6 sing songs and play instrumental pieces of varying levels. Well done to everyone for a fantastic concert.


This week, our sessions have been filled with laughter as we delve into the comedic side of poetry and monologues to explore and select our performance pieces. To develop our stage presence, we’ve also been honing our posture skills, which is helping us show more confidence as we move around the space. Utilising our knowledge organisers, we’re teaming up with our families to master tongue twisters and enhance our focus and concentration through practising our breathing and relaxation exercises, adding a dash of both excitement and calm to our learning journey! If you’re curious to learn more about Mr. Jones and the LAMDA exams or wish to register your child, join us at:

Drama Competition

Excitement is brewing as students and parents sign up for our competition, offering a chance to win enticing prizes! From £25, £15, to £10 Amazon vouchers for indulging in our favourite books, to significant reductions on future enrolments with Christopher’s tuition, the rewards are plentiful. Some students have reported they have already crafted their monologues and are now deep into the rehearsal phase, showcasing their dedication and talent. Don’t miss out on this chance to shine! To register your child for the Performance Competition, please visit:

LAMDA Success

Congratulations to our LAMDA candidates on their exam success this term. Everyone passed with Merit in various modules including Poetry and Acting and from Elementary level to Grade 3.


In Ponies 2 this week, the children have been excited to see the changes that have occurred within the lifecycle we have been observing in our classroom. The tadpoles are now of the stage of tadpoles with legs, and the caterpillars have all turned into chrysalis! The children have thoroughly enjoyed observing these changes, and their excitement grows with each development of our tadpoles and caterpillars. 🐛 🐸

We have also been very lucky in Ponies 2, as all of the children were kindly gifted their own strawberry plant to take home, by the Lacey family. In nursery, each child potted the plant, covering it with soil, and then watering it, before taking it home at the end of the day. We have also been able to keep some in our class too, so we will all be able to discuss our strawberry plant growing development, and of course, get to enjoy the fruits of their labour 🍓😋


There has been lots of excitement in Reception this week with the arrival of some new, special guests!  

The children loved discovering that they had tadpoles in their classroom to care for and they have been super hosts, helping them settle into their new home. They have been enthusiastically telling everyone they meet about their new friends and have enjoyed sharing their knowledge of the frog life cycle too. There has been some super writing linked to this and some wonderful independent writing all about what can be found down by the pond! Next week, the children will discover exactly what can be found at the pond when they visit Lackford Lakes Nature Reserve to go pond dipping!  

In maths, the children have been telling ‘amphibian themed’ addition stories, and in the forest, they saw evaporation in action when watching the frogs they had painted with water disappear in front of their eyes! 

Thank you so much to this week’s surprise reader for adding to the joy of this week’s learning! 

Year 1

Our English work has been linked to our history learning this week. We compared pictures of Fairstead House from the past to how it looks today. It was great fun going on a hunt around the school grounds looking for the different locations from the photos! We used phrases such as, ‘in the past,’ ‘before I was born’ and ‘nowadays,’ in our writing.

We are learning about Buddhism in RE this term. While learning about the symbols of Buddhism, we found out that the lotus flower represents ‘progress.’ We discussed what this meant, and we learned that progress means working hard to improve or develop. We created our own lotus flowers and watched them bloom in the water. It took a while for our flowers to open and reveal our positive messages inside, it was well worth it though. Progress takes time!

Year 2

In maths this week, we have continued our focus on ‘fractions, fractions and more fractions’! We have consolidated our understanding of unit fractions: recognising halves, thirds and quarters, as well as finding fractions of a given amount. Children now understand that a unit fraction is one equal part of a whole. They have used pictorial representations to understand that as the denominator gets bigger, the fraction gets smaller. Children have also begun to see the link between 1/2, 1/4 and 1/3 and understand that the denominator shows how many parts a shape is split into.

In RE this week, the children have explored further what happens in Ramadan and why it is important to Muslims. We enjoyed a warm sunny afternoon, joining in an ‘information scavenger hunt’ finding and recording lots of facts!

Year 2 have been digging into the past and have discovered what evidence we have about The Great Fire of London. We have spoken about painting, drawings, ‘newspapers’ and diaries. We have discovered the historical significance of the diary, specifically the diary kept by Samuel Pepys. This diary is very comprehensive and shares most of what we know about the Great Fire. We have been putting on our detective hats to search for clues within diary excerpts. The groups had to discover the evidence to support their chosen author – it was a wonderfully fun activity! We have also looked closely at the maps of London in 1666 noting the differences to today’s maps – most notably the size of London! The children mapped the progress of the fire through London and used map directions to colour the spread of the fire over 4 days. It has been a wonderful week!

Year 3

In history, Year 3 explored the significance of Alexander the Great this week. We started by studying a range of sources from around the world. Everyone was surprised to discover that his legacy had spread to so many countries and had influenced so many people. This led us to explore his early life. We couldn’t believe that he became king at 19 years old and had taken control of Greece by the age of 21. Using maps, we identified each stage of the expansion of his empire. We were fascinated to find out that during his 13-year reign, he had created the largest empire in human history. Although his empire broke down into different kingdoms after his sudden death, we discussed the influence of Greek culture around the world. Year 3 thoroughly enjoyed studying the significance of Alexander the Great and how he plays an integral role in our Greek topic. We have also been busy writing our shared ‘overcoming the monster’ narratives. We have been planning each paragraph and really thinking about our vocabulary and sentence structure. We acted out each section to help us with our vocabulary choices. Can you tell from our freeze-frames which story we were acting out? Next week, we are looking forward to planning and writing our own ‘overcoming the monster’ narratives independently.

Year 4

Having had a wonderful trip to build up a word bank of sense, we have started to plan our story extracts.  And what a selection of ideas they have!  Everything from portals hidden under quicksand to passing through a pond.  I am so excited to hear about the ideas and even more excited about actually reading them when written.  Their ideas are infectious and they want to share them.  Once they couple that enthusiasm and the ideas, they will have some wonderful writing.

We also had a wonderful discussion this week about friendships and how they can change over time.  We talked about how they can solve problems between friends and how friends can have different interests but still like you.  A mature and sensible discussion that the class participated in well.

Year 5

Year 5 have been continuing to write descriptive essays this week.  A descriptive essay is essentially where you take something real – an experience: a special time, place or hobby for example, and describe it in an interesting and descriptive way using lots of figurative language, whilst explaining why it is so important/amazing.  Building on successes of the previous week, the pupils were trying to describe their bedrooms and found greater success.  Their typing and word processing are improving also, though we need to continue to work on spell-checking and proof-reading.  Having said this, for the age-range, these represent some very accomplished essays – well done all!

Essay 1
Essay 2
Essay 3

Year 6

In Computing lessons, Year 6 have continued thinking about the ways we communicate and collaborate when using our Chromebooks in and outside school. Lots of fun was had exploring the chat facility with important reminders about how we respect and protect each other online. During Friday afternoon’s art lesson, we learned that dragons are a very important aspect of Chinese culture and that they symbolise dignity, wisdom, power and good fortune. Did you know that the Chinese dragon’s body is made up of the head of a camel, eyes of a hare, ears of a bull, horns of a stag, neck of a snake, paws of a tiger, claws of an eagle, scales of a carp and…belly of a clam? You can imagine how much Year 6 enjoyed drawing their own dragons!

In RS lessons, Years 5-6 are studying ‘Sikh Worship & Community’. This week’s focus was on the Naam Karan – the baby naming ceremony – and we learned that a random page of the Sikh holy book, the Guru Granth Sahib, is opened and the first letter of the first word of the hymn on that page determines the initial of the child’s name. In addition, girls and boys are given the names Kaur (princess) and Singh (lion). After the RS lesson, we welcomed Mr Bateman to the classroom who kindly shared some fascinating facts about his travels to Taiwan and China. It is wonderful to have parents in school on Thursday afternoons to share their knowledge and experience of the world. The children asked some lovely questions and are looking forward to finding out more about the famous sites that he mentioned during his presentation. Thank you, Mr Bateman!

Have a lovely weekend!

Michael Radford